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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How To Increase Confidence Through Speech And Drama Classes

Kids Speech And Drama Class At BluBricks
  • Do you have a child who lacks confidence and has low self-esteem? 
  • Perhaps you have a child who is a top scorer in academics, a straight-A student but when it comes to social skills...well, she or he hasn't had the time to develop in this area
  • Or your child is often overlooked and not picked when it comes to school performances because it is always given to the same students all the time - the same outgoing kids, the ones who speak out. You think your child is just as good, he is just not given the opportunity to even try out at school plays
If this is you, then one way to increase your child's confidence is to send them for speech and drama OR public speaking classes. 

What do kids learn at speech and drama classes?

During speech and drama classes, your child will have the opportunity to express himself openly while having fun. He will get to play many characters and have the opportunity to take turns leading or working in a team. This enhances a child's social skills.

Kids will learn:
  • to communicate and express themselves better not only through speech but through body language
  • to improve social skills through teamwork with their peers
  • leadership skills when given the chance to lead discussions or group activities
  • to be more creative especially when playing different characters
You will also see increased confidence as Blubricks has a showcase every year, and all children are encouraged to perform on stage. Performing in front of others helps them overcome stage fright and boosts their self-assurance.

Performance arts is a good way to get shy kids to open up. If you would like to consider a speech and drama class for your child, then check out BluBricks.

Public Speaking classes by Blubricks is also very popular. This is ideal for those who want to enhance their speaking skills, but is not quite ready to play a character on stage.

BluBricks is in Kota Damansara and Cheras.

This is part one of four articles sponsored by BluBricks.  


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