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Friday, August 21, 2015

5 Things You Should Do If You Are A Parent With A Teen On Social Media

Teen Talk - Relationships Complicated By Facebook And Social Media

How simple it was to be a teenager in the older days. We didn't have to worry about being blocked by friends on Facebook.

These days teens and pre-teens have to juggle separate identities as they go from real life to cyber life day in and day out.

"Mom, she scolded me really badly on Facebook. In real life she would never do that. She usually just shrugs. I think that in Facebook, that is who she really is"

"Mom, he blocked me. I only asked him a question and he blocked me. Now what shall I do when I see him in school? It will be so awkward. Why must people behave differently when they are on Facebook?"

As a parent these days, you must know how teens behave online in order to understand and explain to your child. It is confusing enough to be a teen without having to go through all these relationship complications caused from switching from real life to online identity and back.

There is no escaping it. Social media is very much a part of your teen's life. They use it to share homework, and communicate with each other about club or school activities and extra curricular timetable. You can't keep them away from it forever. So how do we parents manage?

Here are 5 Things You Should Do If You Are A Parent With A Teen On Social Media

  1. Educate, educate, educate
  2. Be in the know - go and open a Facebook account if you don't have one
  3. Monitor, monitor, monitor
  4. Communicate. Talk about social media with your teen
  5. Be Supportive - Support your teen when they are feeling down. Just be there for them


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