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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Heat - Based on Chapter 8 of the Std 5 SJKC School Science Text Book

Some time ago, my son and I created some bilingual English/Chinese Science for Chapter 8 of his SJKC
School Science syllabus on Heat.

We have some others in our Slideshare but I can't remember how to get them there from our Haiku Deck account. Anyway, it is embedded here so you can use it if you like.

We created this with Haiku Deck using his school textbook and Google Translate to include the English translation as well as the pinyin.

Here are our other Std 5 Science References:

SJKC Year 5 KSSR Science On Energy
Std 5 Science KSSR Chapter 6 Characteristics Of Light
SJKC Year 5 Science For KSSR Syllabus On Electricity

That is all we have and the last I will be posting. After that mummy became too busy and daddy took over the teaching of Science. We have one on history too but we never got to finish our slides somehow.

Here is How To Use Google Translate For Education. This is extremely useful if your child has to learn several languages in school.

- Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires


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