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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Learn Bahasa Malaysia Apps For Kids

One way to encourage children to learn languages is through play. Our neighbour, Singapore has a couple of very good educational apps to facilitate learning Bahasa Malaysia. Two very good ones are the Pintar Peribahasa and Pintar Kata apps. The app developer is the Malay Language Centre of Singapore, Ministry of Education, Singapore. Both games are free to download.

1. Pintar Peribahasa - Below is a screenshot of the Pintar Peribahasa app. As you can see, the app tests the player on his or her Peribahasa knowledge. Players will be given points or virtual coins each time they guess the peribahasa correctly. Points will be deducted if you request a clue. This is an excellent and fun way to learn your peribahasa. You can challenge your child just for the fun of it. Every child loves a challenge. Can you guess the peribahasa in the second screenshot?

Pintar Peribahasa is available for Android Devices from the Google Play Store and for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad it is called Pintar PB in the iTunes store.

Pintar Peribahasa

Pintar Peribahasa

2. Pintar Kata - Also by the same developers is another Bahasa Malaysia app called Pintar Kata. This is a word game. You start off the game by selecting an avatar and a name. The game requires you to come up with 20 words from a list of alphabets within a certain time frame. Points or virtual coins are awarded. As you can see from the screenshot the graphics are colourful and fun just like Pintar Peribahasa.

Pintar Kata

Pintar Kata

Pintar Kata is also free for Android smartphones and tablet computers in the Google Play store and for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad in the iTunes store.

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