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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What To Look For In A Before Or After School Care Centre

Many households these days do not have the luxury of having one parent at home to look after the kids before they go to school or after they return from home depending on whether they attend morning or afternoon session schools. Sometimes there are adults home but it may be just a maid or elderly parents. In this case parents have no choice but to find a good before or after school centre.

Why A Before An After School Centre?
  • So that kids have some direction and don't end up watching too much TV or playing games aimlessly without guidance at home
  • To find a safe environment where children can do guided activities with peers
  • To get homework help
  • To develop social skill by mixing with other children
What To Look For In A Before Or After School Care Centre
  • A safe and cozy environment, a home away from home
  • One that provides homework help and guidance
  • Not too many kids or too noisy. Children should be able to get some quiet space and time to study too
  • Besides homework help, other creative activities, recreational activities like board games or physical activities are organized
  • Caring staff
  • Security of the venue
  • Enough supervision
  • Nutritional meals and snacks are part of the package
  • Not too many activities. Children need to rest too
  • Fees and hidden costs including charges during emergencies, school holidays etc.
  • Resources. For example a good library, computer facilities etc.
  • Child to teacher ratio
  • Peers - who will your child be mixing with at the after school care centre
Remember to check and tour the premise before you decide.

Parents in Petaling Jaya can tour Little Oxford to see if this before and after school care with tuition service centre is right for you. Please call 012-6970887 for an appointment before dropping by.


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