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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

3 Online Chinese Abacus Or Suan Pan

My children had to learn how to use the Chinese Abacus or Suan Pan in lower primary. It was covered in their school math syllabus for KBSR as well as KSSR. I was clueless on how to use one and their Math books were in Chinese so as usual I relied on the internet for help. If you are in the same position and want to understand how to use the Abacus better when your child comes to you for help, you can check out these 3 Online Chinese Abacus or Suan Pan sites.

Suan Pan
This Suan Pan is from Alcula
1. Alcula

 I like this one because of the beautiful Abacus. You get a really nice big one which looks very realistic. The beads of the Abacus looks almost like the real thing. You can move the beads with your mouse or type in a number, hit "update" and the beads will move to show you how the  number will look like using the Abacus. Good for basic use or learning numbers on the Abacus.

Test Your Chinese Abacus Skills
Test Your Abacus Skill On Abacus Master

This is a paid site to learn the Abacus virtually and in real world. However, what you see on the screen capture above is the "Test Your Abacus Skills" page found on the website. On this page you can test your addition and subtraction skills from given sets of addition or subtraction calculation problems. You can move the beads by clicking on them to do the calculation, then check to see if you managed to get the answer correct.

Chinese Abacus
Chinese Abacus From Gini and Karl's World

I like this one the best because it gives you a step by step tutorial on how to use the Chinese Abacus from the basics plus addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. The Chinese Abacus right at the top of the page also has clickable beads. 

These 3 sites should give any new Chinese Abacus learner a very good idea on how to use it for simple calculation. 

Remember to bookmark this page if you have a child learning the Chinese Abacus. You are going to need it for homework help.

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