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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Malaysia Parents And Tuition Teachers Forum

Hi parents, we just want to update you on the developments on our website Mumsgather Finds. This website was setup and works in conjunction with our two parental groups on Facebook namely:

1. The Malaysia Primary and Secondary School Parents On Facebook
2. The Malaysian Primary and Secondary School Parents Market

A Little Bit Of History

Our parents group started about 2 years ago with 50 invited members. We are a closed group and remain one. Today, the group is over 11,000 members. We wanted to keep our group spam free and focussed on parental discussion. So about 2 months ago, we started our Parents Market group so that parents can sell their pre loved children's items without interrupting the flow of discussion. Our market group is now over 1,100 members.

We found that many of our group members are on the lookout for enrichment courses, school holiday programs, events and offers for their children and families. So, we started our website: Mumsgather Finds, about a month ago to help parents find these things easily.

When we posted about our new website, the first  thing that parents wanted us to add to our website was a page to help them find tutors. This was not part of our plan for the website initially but due to popular demand, we started a page for that. Below is a screenshot of how our page looked like. We had a tutors page separately on another page on the website. However, we realized that the parents and tutors were not finding each other because they were listed on separate pages. We also requested tutors to give parents in our group a special discount. Unfortunately, that did not turn out.

Finally, we decided to add a forum to our website, so that parents and tutors can engage with each other directly. Why a forum and why not on the Facebook group? The reason is because like the buying and selling, requests for tutors were becoming disruptive. When parents request for a tutor referral within the group, they hope to get referrals from other parents. Instead, they received numerous unsolicited private messages or calls to pm or whatsapp them within their thread, so much so they became afraid to post. We hope that a separate forum, like the separate market group will get our discussion back on track without interruption.

The Malaysia Parents And Tuition Teachers Forum

This forum is for you parents. We hope you will support it just as you supported our Facebook groups by joining and participating actively. You may continue to post your requests for tutor recommendations by other parents within our Facebook group.

In addition, this Parents/Tutor Forum is an extra platform for you to seek tutors. At the moment this forum is open to public so you do not have to sign in twice. Just sign in with your facebook profiles to post. Since, it is public, be mindful of what you post. We would also like to remind you to be cautious and careful when dealing with anyone you have not met online.

Our website is still growing and we welcome suggestions by you on anything you would like to have on it that will help you. Thank you.


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