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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Inspiring A Love Of Reading In Children

Child Enjoying A Story At Book A Book
Does your child love to read or reads for the sake of reading? There is a reading programme in school where kids are required to read a certain number of books and record them down in a little booklet. They are required to record the title, author, publisher and give a short synopsis of the book. The record book is then handed to the teachers to mark.

The children may be asked to read a minimum number of books a month. I've been told that in order to pass the minimum threshold under tight deadlines, kids resorted to copying the description from the back of the books without actually reading them! In our Facebook parents group, a parent shared that in one school, children are required to bring books along with them during recess to make sure they read.

Storytelling & Story Creating Session At Book A Book
The objectives of these programmes are great in wanting to inculcate the habit of reading but is it really inspiring a love of reading?

Dear Parents, today I would like to share with you the latest reading centre/children's library in KL that aims to do just that - Inspire a love of reading in children. It is called Book A Book Centre and located at Sri Petaling. 

Wei Wen, the founder of Book A Book has this to say:

"In Malaysia’s primary classrooms, reading is perceived as a means to pass exams and hence, results in children’s fear and rejection of reading! I believe reading should be for pleasure and not pressure. 

What we're trying to achieve is to cultivate a reading culture in the local community and we strongly believe that having a good library is a must to kick start everything!"

Book A Book - The Children's Library With Activities And Guided Reading

About Book A Book

Book A Book is a children's library with a difference. They have Guided Reading Programmes for kids aged 5-8 and activities for children including storytelling, story creating and more. The library very much welcomes parents with children who would like to come in for a quiet reading time where there are many books for them to choose from.

You have a chance to find out more about Book A Book personally by letting your child try out their Guided Reading Programme. It is free for the whole month of August. You can check out the schedule below.
Book A Book Free Guided Reading Program In August

Here's what some parents who tried it had to say:

"My kids loved it!! Great books and set-up!"

"Entertained by a very friendly lady in Book A Book. Their books are interesting. Love those historical ones, as well as those scientific ones. Different genre, stories, general knowledge as well as lots of picture books."

Parents And Kids Reading At Book A Book


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