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Monday, August 10, 2015

Free ebooks For Kids From Oxford Owl

I love a freebie, don't you? I especially love it when the freebie is a book. Books may be cheap when bought one at a time but you don't usually buy books one at a time especially if you have little bookworms at home who devour books. So, I am especially delighted whenever I can find free books for kids, even more so when the free books are in digital form (so they don't take up shelf space) and tablet friendly.

Today I want to share a site with you called the Oxford Owl. The site has a collection of 250 free ebooks for kids from age 3-11. All you have to do is sign up as a member, then you can login to access the free ebooks. Books with an "e" sign next to it are free. The others are recommended print books but that is ok, there is quite a big collection of free ones. Younger children can turn the audio on to have the book read to them while older more confident readers can turn the audio off to read the ebook themselves.

Besides the free ebooks, there are a few other tabs you can explore within the site. I like the "Fun Ideas" tab. It includes game and activity ideas categorized according to age group. Most of these game and activity ideas are related to words and reading.

This is a great resources for kids who like to read or for those who are homeschooling their children. If your child is feeling bored of his own library of print books at home or has read them over and over again, you can introduce them to this site to find new books to read on the tablet or desktop pc.

Go to Oxford Owl Library Page.

Image Credit: This is a screenshot of the Oxford Owl Library
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