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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Free Personalized Chinese Character Practice Worksheets

Are you looking for free worksheets to let your child or yourself practice Chinese character writing? I am happy to share with your something even better than that. These worksheets can be personalized to include any Chinese character that YOU or your child wish to practice. Here's the site with this wonderful tool. Free Printable Chinese Character Worksheet from www.yes-Chinese.com

The site is in Chinese, so I'm going to show you how to do it in English. This is what I suggest you do. You can do it differently once you learn how but for a start this is good.

1. Make sure you select the middle button. That allows you to personalize your worksheet
2. Select the middle button for medium size boxes
3. Key in the number 9 for the number of lines you wish to practice on (9 is the maximum)
4. Key in the number 3 for the number of times you wish to have the example words in the background for tracing
5. Select the left button to include the Chinese Stroke Order at the top of your worksheet
6. Key in the word you wish to practice. Remember to add the Chinese keyboard for your PC if you haven't done so
7. Hit Enter

To demonstrate, I keyed in the Chinese character 我 using the steps above and this was what I got. You can now print your free printable Chinese character worksheet for practice.


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