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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Best Educational Sites For Children

Internet makes learning fun!

Here are my top pick for Educational Sites which I used to teach my children. Check out these top sites for kids to learn their alphabets, numbers, colors, music, crafts, Science, Maths, English and more.
These free sites for educational learning materials are useful for kids from toddler, preschooler to grade school. The sites have been around for a long time and they keep on being upgraded and improved and the best thing is they are all free.

Educational Videos to teach kids grammar

These videos from Grammar Rock to teach kids grammar are funny and make learning grammar fun!

Funny Schoolhouse Rock Video For Learning Pronouns

Grammar Rock Verb Video

Kids Can Learn Alphabets Online

Learning Alphabets online is fun and it is interactive too!

Play Elmo's Keyboard-O-Rama

Actually there are many fun and educational games over at the Sesame Street Site. However, I singled Elmo's Keyboard-O-Rama because it is excellent for toddlers to learn their alphabets.
Elmo's Keyboard O-Rama is a great place to start teaching kids the alphabet. It is so much fun for toddlers. Just open the site and let them explore on their own. You will be amazed at the number of alphabets they learn on their own through exploring.

Reading online is fun!

There are many online stories for children on the internet with all sorts of kids stories including beloved fairytales. You just have to look.

Kids can learn to read online

My kids practically learned to read from Learn to Read At Starfall. Starting from Alphabets, then moving on to Learn to Read, It's fun to Read and finally graduating at I'm Reading Level. 
Lovely interactive stories can be found here.

Kids Can Learn About Music Online

Kids can Learn all about Music Online. There are plenty of Children's Songs and Lyrics online.

Kids can learn about Music online

Have fun with Music with SFS Kids

This is the San Francisco Symphony Kids Website. Your child will have a musical blast learning about the instruments of an orchestra with a 3D view of the muscial instruments and the sounds they make. There is also a music lab for childrent explore and make music! 

Other Online Educational Sites for Children

Kids these days have the opportunity to learn online. It is interactive and it is free. There are sites where you have to pay but you can find many equally kids learning sites for free. Here is my favourite list for children learning online sites.

Literacy Center

Kids can learn alphabets, numbers, writing, shapes, colors and more at Literacy Center. Concentration games and other games aid learning. For the numbers learning, children can start with basic numbers and move up to learning numbers on a clock, both digital as well as analog.


Free Stuff from Brain Pop

Children can learn all about Science, Math, English, Health, Social Studies, Arts and Music here. All learning modules are organised into little movies or short video tutorials. This is a paying site. However, the link I have provided here is for the free educational videos available at Brain Pop.

Enchanted Learning

Imaginative play and creative play equals to educating children. Enchanted Learning has a wide resource of online educational materials. Some of them are free, some not. This links directly to the index of learning materials. You can find almost anything here, from a dinosaur dictionary to tongue twisters and all sorts of crafts.

Kids can learn to type too

Kids from age 7 to 11 can learn touch typing using BBC School's Dance Mat Typing. Its Free!

Kids can learn to type online

BBC Dance Mat Typing

BBC School's Dance Mat Typing is a colourful, fun and interactive place for kids to learn typing. Forget about boring typing books. This is THE place for kids to learn how to type. 
Typing is an essential skill that everyone needs to know these days in order to get around really fast using the computer keyboard. This site teaches kids how to type step-by-step in a fun and interactive manner.
It has 4 levels, each level as 3 stages. That makes it 12 stages altogether. Depending on which stage you complete, kids will be rewarded with a dance and a song from the "teacher" at that stage. 
The "teacher" are depicted by colorful animals including an octopus, a giraffe, a goat and various other colorful characters.


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