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Friday, May 08, 2015

SJKC Year 5 Science For KSSR Syllabus On Electricity

Chapter 7 of the SJKC Science Book KSSR Syllabus is on Electricity. Here are the slideshare presentation slides I prepared to teach my son. I prepared these slides in English, Chinese and Chinese Pinyin. I don't know any Chinese. However, this is made possible with the use of technology and good old books. I use google translate a lot. I also use his school Chinese KSSR Science  text book along with an English workbook to make sure I get the translation right. Many apologies if they are not quite up to par. I have based the slides as closely to the school textbook as possible.

I prepared the slides using Haiku Deck which comes with searchable and relevant images to use. It is not difficult. My son has prepared his own slides for the next topic on "Heat". I will be posting them up next when they're complete. He is happy to make the slides telling me that he has been promoted to slidemaker.

I am currently working on our History slides. That is harder to prepare than Science. My son's Chinese is just so so. When I asked him whether he understood what teacher taught him in school for History, his reply was "I don't know what she was talking about." Excuse me while I have a quick mummy freakout moment.

I hope you find these slides useful.


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