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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Malay Proverbs Or Peribahasa For Primary School Kids

Malay Proverbs or Peribahasa is better remembered or learned with visuals. Usually the proverbs derive their meaning from almost literal translation of the words used. Anyhow, you can more easily understand a proverb or peribahasa in Bahasa Malaysia or Malay by looking at pictures to derive their meaning.

So, I am happy to find and share with you these slides which I found on Slideshare. You can watch these with your children and discuss with them.

Slide 1 = Peribahasa Untuk Sekolah Rendah 1 (43 pages)

Slide 2 = Peribahasa Untuk Sekolah Rendah 2 (22 pages)

Peribahasa Untuk Sekolah Rendah 2 from Mohamed Naim Daipi

They have been posted by the slideshare user going by the name of Mohamed Naim Daipi who states his position as Master Teacher at Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Ministry of Education. He has 278 slides at Slideshare. If  you browse around his slides, I am sure you will find some goodies in there in the form of useful educational slides for Primary School kids. Many of the presentation slides were uploaded some 5 years ago but they are still useful.

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