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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Raising Kids In The Digital Age Part 5

As A Parent You MUST Know What Is Going On In Your Child's Cyber World. Knowing And Educating Is Not The Same As Snooping

Should I Buy A Tablet Computer For My Child?

Tablet computers have replaced the portable DVDs in becoming the new babysitters. However, I think that tablet computers are slightly better in the fact that they are interactive and there are many educational apps that are beneficial for children.
Again, I stress that tablet computer usage though positive, can be turned negative if there is no parental control. The aim is to teach children to use the tablet computer positively as a learning tool and to use it for their projects. If you allow your child to play mindless, addictive games to shut them up and keep them occupied so that you can have some "me time" then you have misused a valuable learning tool and turned it into a negative object of control and potential conflict instead.
My children do not have a tablet computer but at the moment, they have learned through being thought that the internet is a very useful learning tool. Whenever, they are learning and there is something new they need to understand, they will ask "Mummy, can you do an image search so I can see how this looks like?"
We do play mindless, addictive games but all in good fun as a family where we try to outdo each other in points. However, we limit the time spent on games like these.
It is our duty as parents to teach children to use social media positively.

Children Should Be Taught From Young To Use The Internet And Computer In The Right Way - As An Enhanced Learning Tool

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