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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Raising Kids In The Digital Age Part 1

In the past, all parents had to worry about was telephone usage time and how to reduce the time children spent watching television. Parents had to monitor the shows that children watched on TV plus cut down on the telephone time of teenagers.
In the digital age, parents have to deal with a whole lot more. Toddlers and PC usage, toddlers and portable dvds, preschoolers and tablet computers, teenagers and smartphone usage, teenagers and Facebook etc. The ball game has changed. Are you as a parent keeping up with the digital age?
Are you revising your parental styles to take into account our digital world and how to monitor the usage of media devices by our children? Read on and lets discuss with other parents.

Should I Allow My Toddler To Use The Computer?

My answer is yes, with parental guidance. We are living in a digital age. I think the computer is a wonderful interactive and educational learning tool. It should be used to the best advantage for teaching.
Teaching a toddler to use a mouse, helps improve cognitive skills. The interactive games improves hand eye coordination.
However, parental guidance is essential! There are many wonderful interactive sites for young children to learn and play. However, for children as young as 2 or 3, the parent must sit with the child and talk to them about what's going on and guide them through the games.
The computer should not be allowed to be used as a baby sitter where the toddler is allowed to sit in front of it playing mindless games. Parental involvement is a must!

Parental Guidance And Involvement Is Essential To Turn Potential Negativity And Conflict Into Positive Digital Media Use

What Parents Say About Toddlers and Computer Usage

Should toddlers as young as 2-3 be allowed to play computer games?
Parents Who Voted Yes...

Yes, you can't escape the computer. It helps improve their cognitive skills.

iamraincrystal 2 years ago from Manila Philippines

But with parental supervision. Plus, don't let them stay too long. ^_^

Spiderlily321 2 years ago

yes, but it depends on what games they are playing. There are some great ones out there. Parents should make sure be right alongside them though, to make sure they don't get on anything else on the computer.

Jogalog 2 years ago

Yes. Computers are part of life these days and kids pick things up so quickly. I wouldn't want my child to be at a disadvantage by not having access to a computer. As you say though, it is absolutely vital that parents supervise such young children and limit the time they are allowed to use it.

piedromolinero 2 years ago

There is nothing bad with playing some computer games at this age. But it needs to be with parents guidance and limited in time.

aishu19 2 years ago

Definitely! there is alot of good in learning computer games. They do benefit from them. But of course they should also spend some time out of the screen. Moderation is the key factor.

Keith J Winter 2 years ago from Spain

Yes. As long as they are right sort of games.

Parents Who Voted No....

No, toddlers should be discovering the world, not the computer at this young age

Gypzeerose 2 years ago

I know this is not the prevailing view, but I take the Rudolph Steiner - Waldorf school belief. Kid's brains are different - the more they are actually exploring the better.

LisaMarieGabriel 2 years ago from United Kingdom

I think computers are very much a part of the modern world, so while maybe 2-3 seems a bit young in some ways, I think that is up to the parents. What DOES disturb me is kids using cellphones because they have no safety built in!

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