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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Where To Buy Tupperware Brand Eco Bottle In Malaysia

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I had been using cheap tumblers for my kids to bring water to school but I decided to stop after reading how other parents are being extra careful about their children's water tumblers. Some suggested the tupperware brand eco bottle so I decided to get them for my kids.

However, I didn't know any tupperware brand dealers. I searched online and found a few tupperware dealer blogs but I didn't know them personally so I didn't feel comfortable buying from them. Finally, I found the Tupperware Eco Bottles  at Lazada.

This was what I got. I bought a set of three tupperware eco bottles 750ml (green, yellow and pink) and two matching pouches or holders for two of it (the green and yellow one). One for the girl and one for the boy. Scroll down for pictures.

Quick Tips At A Glance

Here are my recommendations for school going kids:

  • Choose The Right Size - I find that the 750ml tupperware eco bottle is just the right size for school kids. Not too big and not too small. The tupperware eco bottles comes in many sizes from 310ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1L. As you can see from the picture below, the 750ml one fits snugly in the school bag. I have seen students carrying the 1L one. However, I think it may add too much weight into their already heavy loads to school. Besides, my kids hardly every finish their drinks accept on PJ days or days when they have extra curricular activities.
  • Should You Get A Pouch? - I find that the pouch is ok if you have a clean child but do not get it if you have a messy child. The picture below shows my girl's set. My boy has a green set. He has brought his to school at the time of writing, so I can't show the picture of how dirty and black his pouch is. Besides, it is too embarrassing to show! If you are a crafty person, why not sew  your own pouch? That will help to differentiate your child's bottle as well.
  • Personalize Your Bottle - I find that the tupperware eco bottle is very popular and there may be a mix up. Many school kids have this bottle so there is a chance that the bottles may be mixed up. We have the pouch and less people have that so we usually don't get ours mixed up. Otherwise, it would be a good idea to get some sharpies for your child and ask them to personalize it with their own design. Some personalized name stickers would also be a good idea to differentiate their tupperwares from others. Alternatively, you can shop for limited edition colours (which is quite popular too so you may still have to use a permanent marker to write your child's name on the cover, base or side of the tupperware).
  • Should You Get A Spare? - If your child is prone to losing their things you might want to get a set as a spare. I did. I got a set of three for two of them. So when one forgets to bring it home, I can use the spare. It is better to teach kids to be mindful of their stuff instead of getting spares however kids being kids, sometimes you do come into this sort of situations. We also use our spare for days when we go for badminton on weekends.
  • Should You Get A Tupperware Eco Bottle Brush? - If you have a baby at home, you probably won't need the tupperware eco bottle brush as you can use a baby brush to wash the bottles. The wide mouth at the top makes washing easy.
  • Twist Cap Or Flip Cap? - If you are buying online, make sure you look at the pictures and descriptions carefully. Is the tupperware flip cap or twist cap? Which do you prefer? Which can your child handle better? The 1L bottle uses a flip cap whereas the 750ml and others uses a twist cap.
Set of 4 - 750ml Tupperware Eco Bottle

Our Tupperware Eco Bottle With Matching Pouch

This is how the Tupperware looks like in the pouch

The 750ml eco bottle fits snugly into the school bag

On the other sizes, I think the 1L one would be useful for older kids or adults going for games, while the 500ml or 310ml one would be useful for ladies. I am planning to get the 310 ml one as gifts for my sister and myself for putting in our handbags. It is very useful to have water on the go.

Here is a size comparison between the 750ml one  and the 310ml one. My girl won the 310ml one at a school fair.

Here is a comparison between the 750ml and 310ml eco bottles

Below is a video of the tupperware eco bottle which I found on YouTube.

Baby version of the tupperware eco bottle for your toddler. BUY NOW


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