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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Raising Kids In The Digital Age Part 4

Do Not Allow Yourself Or Your Child To Be Pressured Into Social Media Platform Usage Just Because Everyone Else Is Doing It

Should Children Be Allowed On Facebook?

Children on Facebook. Inevitable Or A No No?

There is a constant debate about having children on facebook. My take is, children should not be allowed on Facebook.
The Social Media world as you know, can be addictive and interacting socially in a cyber world is very different from interacting in the real world.
I want my child to learn how to interact in the real world before she jumps into the cyber world with all its complication. There are many views on this.
Some say that one should not restrict but should educate instead. While I agree with this statement, I believe that one should restrict when the child is younger than 13 and educate after that.
Then there are others who claim that your child will be left behind socially if they do not join in the social media revolution. Oh, really? They could also be ostracized or bullied socially in the cyber world.
I know many parents who openly allow their child to open a facebook account by opening the facebook account for them and lying about their age.
My girl has been pestering me for a facebook account as soon as she started grade school at 7. By then, half of her classmates have a facebook account. I took a peek at some of her classmates account and to my horror some of them have over 200 friends. Imagine that a little boy of 7 with over 200 facebook friends. What benefit is there in that?
I told my girl she will not have a facebook account till she is older because at the moment she has to learn about other things in life like having fun at the park, drawing, creating and reading books. There will come a time when it becomes inevitable that she will have a facebook account but until then I think she should learn about the real world first before entering the cyber world. When she is ready, I will be there to guide her and to teach her. I will be her first cyber friend but I will stay quietly in the background, never commenting on her account or embarrassing her in front of her friends. If I have anything to say to her, I will say it to her directly instead of commenting on her facebook account unless she is older and leaving away from me, that is. I don't understand why anyone would want to comment on each other's facebook account when they stay in the same house? The same goes for spouses.
Again, when it comes to social media use, I believe that Parental control and Guidance is a MUST. You must know what is going on in your child's cyber world.

What Parents Say About Children on Facebook. Yes or No?
Would you allow your child to have a facebook account? Would you be involved or respect his/her privacy and leave it to them?
Should Children Below 13 Be Allowed On Facebook?
Those Who Voted Yes...


Gypzeerose 2 years ago

I have had terrible luck with my kids and Facebook. I would say no but the truth is they get access to computers other places than home, and for this I would like to have some idea of what is going on.

Alex Cortes 2 years ago

I will allow it, but their account and their "friends" will be closely monitored by their mother and I.

Parents Who Voted No...


MaggiePowell 2 years ago

My kids had to wait until they turned 14... and then I made the rule that I have complete access to their site.

iamraincrystal 2 years ago from Manila Philippines

I would say No to this one. My daughter didn't have her own FB account till this year when she turned 17. Prior to that, she used my account so I can closely monitor and supervise her usage.

Spiderlily321 2 years ago

no. There's too much going on, on Facebook that can be a bit inappropriate for kids under the age of 13.

marsha32 2 years ago

I am appalled at what I read teenagers write!! They type in things...and share photos, that even adults shouldn't be sharing.

piedromolinero 2 years ago

No way before the age of 13, then I might start thinking about it. Once I allow her, it will be definitely with a lot of explanation before, with my involvement in the beginning and with giving her step by step some more privacy.

anonymous 2 years ago

I'd rather have them play game apps than use Facebook.

Keith J Winter 2 years ago from Spain

There are many predators out there, and it's difficult to control who they are associating with.

ideashine 2 years ago

NO. There have been a lot of reported incidents caused by underage Facebook usage. And that is the last thing I want to happen to my children.

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