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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

How To Be A Good Prefect

How To Be A Good Prefect

If your child has just been chosen to become a prefect, here are a few good articles about being a prefect that you may want him or her to read up or simply to read together as a way of encouraging them in this new role.

Being a prefect offers your child a good opportunity for personal development in many areas. Leadership, team working, assertiveness, getting things done and more. It also has its challenges so it is good to be prepared.

  1. How To Be A Good Prefect by Wikihow gives a good and quick summary with pictures. 
  2. Perfect Prefect Self Study Booklet in pdf format can be downloaded from Aurora Ed for a fee. However, you can also download a free sample. The free sample is quite comprehensive too and have a lot of good information in it.
  3. How To Be A Good Prefect In School by CBN Perfectorial Board
  4. Do Not Reject The Chance To Be A Good Prefect Letter and Replies from The New Times, Rwanda
  5. Qualities Required Of A Good Prefect from Answers.com

Being a new prefect on probation has many challenges and your child will have to learn many new skills, important communication skills including dealing with difficult people. Hopefully these articles will get them off to a good start. Of course, good communication begins at home too. So it is important for you to check regularly with your child on how they are doing. Chatting also opens the door of communication for them to come to you when they encounter difficulties. It also strengthens your parent child bond. So support your child who is a new prefect by speaking and listening to them and sharing some good tips with them on how to conduct themselves as new prefects.


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