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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Should I Introduce My Toddler To The Computer

Kids learn best when there is creativity, imagination and interactivity.

Internet can be good or bad - It is up to you!

My kids are born in the digital age. Right from the time when they were toddlers, they started picking up the mouse and navigating. The internet can be a good place or a bad place for kids. It is up to you. You can find many useful resources to supplement kids learning. Kids learn fast from the internet because it is interactive and fun.
Reading a book can be so much fun when you click on a character or picture and the character speaks or does something. It can be a good starting point to encourage children to read. Children learn fast from stories, songs and through play. You can find many of these wonderful educational resources for children online and quite often for free.
The only negative side is.... you have to find a way to pull your kid from the computer now that you've introduced them to it! ;) Well, that is not completely true. If you do not introduce yourself to the computer, they will learn sooner or later. So it might as well be from you. It is also a parent's job to make sure that a child learns all about internet safety and the right way to conduct oneself online etc.

Digital Age!
Kids born in the digital age have an extra learning resource - The Internet! So, do introduce your child to the internet and online learning but

  • do not use the internet as a babysitter
  • let them rest their eyes frequently,
  • teach your child about online safety
  • balance physical and outdoor play with time spent on the computer
  • use this as a chance to teach and bond with them instead of allowing them to explore alone
In my next post, I am going to share with you my top picks for the best educational sites for children.


  1. Hubby and I were just discussing this morning on granting my kids to internet. Haha.

    1. What a coincidence, Rose. Then you may find my next post useful, I hope. :)


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