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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Raising Kids In The Digital Age Part 2

Digital Media Is A Positive Thing. It Is How You Use It That Makes It Negative

Portable DVDs Have Become The New Babysitter

Portable DVD Players Are Not Bad But Using It As A Babysitter is Bad!

I am totally against the use of portable dvds for kids. I think they have become the new babysitter for kids.
Going on a long trip? Why not bring along the portable dvd to shut up the kids.
Having a meal with friends. Better bring along the portable dvd so we can eat in peace.
Want to watch your own movie peacefully? Take out the portable dvd for the kid to watch in another room.
This scenarios have become all too common. I think that using the portable dvd as a baby sitter is bad.
The portable dvds for kids should be used for limited periods of time and NOT as a babysitter. The portable dvd is not a bad thing, how you use it can be either positive or negative.

What Parents Say About Kids and Portable DVDs

Do you think that portable DVDs are bad for kids?

Parents Who Voted Yes....

Yes, if so, why?

Gypzeerose 2 years ago
Again, let's keep them active as much as possible!
Parents Who Voted No....

No, if so, why?

iamraincrystal 2 years ago from Manila Philippines

Again, parental supervision plays a big role. It's not the DVD, but how the kids use it.

Spiderlily321 2 years ago

No, I think they are good expecially if you are going on trips or long appointments.

piedromolinero 2 years ago

I don't think that portable DVDs are bad, it is how and when they are used. If the intention of a DVD player is to get the kids silent and out of the way, then it is definitely the wrong way. I wouldn't get my daughter a portable DVD player.

aishu19 2 years ago

I do not think it is a bad thing for kids. I mean it all depends on where the parents draw the line, but if it is for a short time on a long drive or so, then that is fine..but that can't be a daily affair. Infact my portable DVD player was the only thing that stopped my kid from getting car sick on long trips as it kept him distracted. And that certainly made the day better for him and us...so it really is up to the parents

ideashine 2 years ago

What makes it good or bad it the involvement of parents. If we use it as a way to teach them something, it's not a problem.

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