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Friday, May 29, 2015

Raising Kids In The Digital Age Part 3

It Is Okay For Kids To Play New Media Games But Not Mindless, Addictive Games. Limit The Time Spent On Those

Should I Allow My Child To Own A Smartphone? All Her Friends Have One And She Has Been Asking For One Too

My daughter is 10 years old. She has been telling me about her friends and their smartphones.
"Mum, they have WhatsApp just like you! My friend's phone is just like yours! So nice...... My friend says she wishes that I have a smartphone too, so she can WhatsApp me."
Sounds familiar? This goes on in my house and many other homes too, I believe. More and more kids have their own smartphones now so that parents can contact or reach them easily. Many children are attending all sorts of tuition and extra curricular activities like swimming, music lessons, dance lessons etc and parents want to be able to reach their children when they are away from home. However, is it necessary for a child to own a smartphone?
I think that smartphone usage has it's challenges just like many other social media platforms and if I can delay it, I would. There is no reason for me to rush to buy a smartphone for my child just because all her friends have one.

At What Age Should Children Be Allowed To Have Smartphones

  • 5% Below 7 years old. It has many nice interactive and educational games to keep them busy
  • 15% 7-10 years. I need to contact my child when she is attending activities away from home
  • 25% 10-15 years. It's inevitable. By now, most kids own a smartphone. I don't want my child to be left behind
  • 50% Above 15 years. I think children shouldn't own smartphones till they are old enough to take care of it
  • 5% Others, give your opinion
20 people have voted in this poll. 
The poll is now closed.

Note: This post was previously published by me at Hubpages. I have unpublished my post and moved my content to my blog.

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