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Saturday, May 16, 2015

How To Write Cursive Writing For Kids Video And Apps For iPhone And iPad

Cursive Writing For Kids
My son has to write cursive writing in school and well his writing requires improvement, not just the cursive ones but the normal ones plus his Chinese character writing. I saw his teacher yesterday and she said that may because he is left-handed so he can't see what he is writing as his hand is blocking the words he wrote. Hmm... I hadn't thought of that  before.

Anyway, I found some good apps for cursive writing plus an excellent video which I am going to share in this post on cursive writing for kids.

1. First of all is the video. The best way to teach kids how to write cursive writing is to show them how. Since I am not very good at it myself, I found this video really good for seeing the way to write all the alphabets, capitals and small letters including how to join them. It is comprehensive and includes everything. After watching the video, I realised that my cursive, S, R, Q, G and Z were wrong. Oops! Its fun to learn new things with my child.

2. Secondly the apps. I found  3 free apps for iphone and ipad to practice cursive writing. Here they are:

a) Cursive Writing App for iphone and ipad. It allows you to trace the cursive alphabets in capital as well as small letters both.

b) Cursive Writing Words App for iphone and ipad. This one allows you to practice joining your cursive letters and alphabets.

c) Cursive Practice Book App for iphone and ipad. This one allows you to practice your cursive letters both upper and lower case. It includes stroke order which is helpful.

These apps and video are really helpful for a beginner learner who is just starting to learn cursive writing.
Let your child practice as much as possible.  Practice makes perfect.


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