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Monday, March 14, 2005

Lessons in life.... from blogging.

Firstly, many thanks to all those who took the trouble to share their experience on my previous post. You've been a great help. Thats what I like about blogging. High 5 all!

I'm learning so much from blogging... so much more than I ever could from say, reading the newspaper, a book or even talking with my circle of friends or relatives. Why? Because of this open sharing of real life experiences and because my circle of friends is not wide enough to include people almost 20 years younger or 10 years older than me the way some of my blogging buddies are.

Bloggers share their real life experiences about anything under the sun. They share the good books they read, good music, good movies, good food, latest techy gizmos. They talk about love, studies, work, death, religion. And everyone speaks in their blogs about things they like or dislike with such passion and enthusiasm. Whether its in praise or merely ranting and raving about something they're writing about, the outpouring of thoughts and feelings is what makes reading blogs so interesting.

Not only that, the diversity of opinions on a single subject matter is amazing . We can have people from all races and ages discussing and sometimes disagreeing about the same issue. And, there is free sharing of information, good links, and articles on almost any conceivable subject you can think about.

You cannot get this anywhere else but on blogs. They say the pen is mightier than the sword and I say the pen tells a lot more than the lips. I find people to be a lot more expressive when they pen what they have to say. Face to face, sometimes the tongue is tied. Ah.. I do love blogging so. I guess there may be some time in my life when I may not be able to blog but in the meantime, blogworld, don't leave me out, I'm here to blog, blog, blog and comment, comment, comment.


  1. and i'm here to *stalk stalk stalk* ehehehe :) opss.. substitute stalk with spy and read again.

  2. Hey.. MG,
    i so agree with you .. with everything.. especially the pen is mightier ..than the sword.. :)

  3. Hi MG,

    Blogging is also very therepeutic leh especially for me now since I am on MC recovering from my injury. Its was keeps me sane.

  4. Blogs and weblogs are created out of joy, playfulness and creativity to share your thots and observations. You are using your natural abilities freely.

    Now as life is spontaneous so blogs should be as free as air and spontaneous comments and interactions can then flow through it indiscriminately

  5. The Stalker was here! (*biting fingernails*)

    MrsT, Your pen very mighty. You write so much faster than I can read lah.

    mystic, I'm glad to hear you are on the road to recovery now.

    mwt, Hello, welcome to my blog. Blogs should be as free as air but sometimes not entirely or you may be sued, sacked or thrown in jail.


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