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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I will be happy when.....

I almost forgot that I said I would blog about the "Happy NOW" concept.

There's this email going around that says "I will be happy when.... I get that job I want, the kids are grown up etc etc." I can't quite remember what reasons they gave so I made up my own reasons but anyway it got me thinking. Its true, its very easy to get caught up in this "I will be happy when...."

For eg. when you have kids, you may say "I will be happy when.....

- the baby is born (while pregnant)
- the baby can walk and talk (so I can have more free time)
- the toddler will outgrow the "terrible twos"
- my teenager will grow up!
- my this and that... (the list can go on and on)

I think thats really a very silly attitude. When you are bringing up children, there will be many challenges (I prefer to call them challenges rather than problems) along the way. Why look at them as problems and wish for some time in the future?

Be Happy NOW!

Enjoy your kids NOW! They grow up so fast. (That reminds me, baby has just got his two lower front teeth. I'm so going to miss his toothless grins.)

And be Happy NOW in whatever you are doing and at whichever part of your life you are living now, not later when...

Be Happy with the choices you've made. Never look back and regret. Look ahead and enjoy the present.

Life is short. Make it sweet.. every step of the way!

Heh heh. Thats MG's "Happy Now" concept and philosophical blog for the day. I must try to remember what I blogged today especially when the going gets tough.

P.S. Its supposed to be International Women's Day today, I think. Well, whether it is or not, here's a little something for all the ladies.


  1. Happy International Women's Day!
    Always be happy!

  2. Happy 38 day!hmmm....no wonder women have right to be KP laa....

  3. happy 38!! :) yeah don't worry be happy :) reading MG makes my day

  4. Thanks for the flowers .. MG. And yes.. i agree with you ... totally..! ;)

  5. Thanks for such a timely blog! Wuz feeling very blue.

  6. Oops , nealy forgot about 38.
    Happy 38-ing, MG. :)

  7. Jason, Same to you. Oops! I mean the "Always be Happy part".

    msau, pardon me for being blur but whats 38?

    Munkit, aww... really? Now that makes my day. BTW, whats 38??

    MrsT, great minds think alike. Hehe.

    Bkworm, Hope you're feeling not so blue now.

    ET, somebody tell me whats 38!!!!

  8. LOL...is it why women being call 38?
    I always happy, especailly see the two girls giggling all the way.

  9. Thxs for the flowers & make me feel so blessed.

  10. Simon, I like them too. I just love animated gifs.

    Twinsmom, I can see that you're always happy.

    A&A'smom, they're for me too...since nobody else will get them for me... (*grumble grumble*) Hehe.


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