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Sunday, March 06, 2005

And The Winner Is......

MG does not blog during the weekends because weekends usually very, very busy plus must make way for Mr MG and his PC game. (Aiyah. MG kasi chance lah, the man only gets to use the PC in the evenings and during the weekends...Kesian...)

Sunday afternoon (everyone sleeping but baby doesn't want to sleep. Hmm... what to do? OK, lets read some blogs.....

(*tap tap tap clickety clackety tap tap click*)
MG checks her Bloglines blog feeds to see which blog to catch up on.

(*drum roll*)
Ta Daaaaa

And The Winner Is......

P.S. Sorry, no prizes or trophies for the winners but here's wishing you are showered with 100,000 hits and become an A-list blogger, 10,000 repeat visitors and 1,000 interesting comments to keep you going. May your blog traffic grow and keep on going up, up and away!

Ok, time to go blog catching up now. See ya.


  1. hiak hiak.. i'm a blogger between 'upandcoming' and c-list :pP

    happy sunday! :)

  2. My blog reading habits is the exact reverse. I don't have muh during weekdays, with work and all and only read or update them during weekends :P

  3. I have feedreader and it keeps me updated with feeds of my favourite blogs.

    looks like your blog is going to my list. :)

  4. We wish you a happy 10,000 hit, we wish you a happy 10,000 hit **sing out loud**, erm lets stop here.

    So fast got so many liao, so jealous one.

  5. OK, no price and trophy? nvm, can skip, otherwise I'll very hard working blog blog blog while you off'ing from the PC :P

  6. Wow .. 6 updates huh..??? i didn't even know..!! wow..!! i very law-saw..???!!?? no..?

  7. Wah, going back to blog, blog a lot a lot, just to be the winner. So proud. Strutting off. Watch out for blog lau sai from 5xmom

  8. Munkit, I am UpandComer but I think I would like to stay that way lah.

    BawangMerah, Weekend Blogger, Weekday Blogger, Daytime Blogger or Nighttime Blogger...We all love to blog!

    jxt2j, Thanks! I shall be paying your blog a visit very soon.

    Mr Kiasu, The blogger comment board still very slow? If too slow for you, just use the Haloscan one abuden, I will lose your comment one day becos I'm not paying so if possible you join here together with the rest, more merry.

    Jason, actually Doc tie 3rd place with you but since he is on temporary hiatus, I didn't include him lah.

    Twinsmom, don't be so lazeeee lah. I like to read your blog.

    MrsT, I oso very cheong hei. Thats why I blog. Can "talk" as much as I like here.

    5XMom, So where is the blog lau sai? You ah always give ppl suspense only. Must wait....aiyah.


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