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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


No, not the sitcom Friends but I'm talking about real friends.

Hmm... lets see, hmmm... ah.... (*count count count*) . I think my only friends are Mr MG and my sisters. Yeah.. so pathetic. Its sad, I don't know how it got this way but my friends are getting fewer and fewer as I grow older and older.

I think friends featured in my life most prominently in my teens and early 20s. I had many friends then. During primary and secondary school, I had lots of friends. We went to each other's homes to bake, chit chat, play Enid Blyton make believe games. We cycled to the beach, we tried out new clothes and hairstyles together, went to the "Disco" for the first time together at 15, went on trips together (first time also at 15. I remember going to Singapore by bus with two other girlfriends. We stayed at one of their cousin's house. Wah felt so "grown up" travelling on our own for the first time. I bought my first pair of high heel shoes then. White ones. Ish! Such bad taste).

I'm glad I was allowed to do all these things ie travel on my own and go places as my dad was quite lenient with me. Hehe. I'm No. 5 mah. First child, very strict, second child, less strict and by the time reach No 5 ie MG, anything goes. No curfew for late night outs as well. (or sometimes early morning coming home :PpP )

MG thinking aloud: Do people still go to discos these days. Haha. Its sounds so out. I think these days it must be pubs, or clubs or coffee places or those mega cinemas. I remember during the good ole days, we went to house parties. Do people still have house parties these days??

During college days, I still had a lot of friends. We played truant together, went on trips, went to each other's house to cook up a meal, went for movies, shopping, swimming, dancing, studied together. It was such fun.

Then everyone started working and thats when my friends started to drift off, slowly one by one. All thats left of my friends then were a few girlfriends and we often met up on Saturdays for shopping and all girls night out for drinks during the weekend. Then slowly one by one got married and there was more drifting off. Then slowly one by one started families and my friends grew fewer and fewer and now whats left is Mr MG and my sisters.

Everyone has their own lives now and we hardly keep in touch and some have even lost touch altogether. Funny, I have very close friends and roomates who live in KL but have never bothered to keep in touch and I have friends who have moved overseas and still keep in touch.

Whats a true friend really? Someone who will always be there for you? Or someone whom when you get together with even after being apart for ages feels like you have never been apart? I guess there's all kinds.

Dunno whats the point of this post but I just feel a little sad that I have almost no friends now. Oh well, with the latest technology, I can have friends just sitting on this chair. Strange, but true.

MG's tip to young people: Enjoy your time with your friends Now. Do all the things that you want to do Now. Go places, go on trips, sing, dance, read, go to discos (err.. sorry coffee places), go shopping, to the movies, go to each other's homes to 'lepak', play games together, tennis, squash, swimming. Have fun. There's so much to see and do. What are you still here for? Go. Scoot. Don't waste time. Go out there and enjoy your friends Now!


  1. yoo no more disco nowadays, too techno for us :P After the children are big enough to take care of themselves.. you can go for things like yoga or (if you're too old) taichi, there you're guaranteed to make lotsa frens! :)

    oh ya arent we counted as frens ah MG?

  2. Hahahaa...

    I used to have really cool friends when i'm in sec school. Nowadays eventhough i lived in KL and some of them live in Nilai or Seremban, which is quite near to KL also ..we don't hang out with each other so often anymore.

    Reasons? Busy ...lazy to go out ...no transport...etc. Sigh*

  3. Auntie, you experience this after you start working ah? I am already experiencing this when I finished my Form 5 like 2-3 years ago. Even worse when they all started to pak tor one by one and while I am still single. Things got even worse after they went to KL to study public university and hardly come back to my hometown.

    HP? Yeah right! They never bothered to call me cause I have no value of being used or being any helpful to them. My phone could be silent for 2 days without even the slightest ringing or vibration. I could sell away my handphone and still, nobody would notice about it.

    Those so called buddies during my secondary school are drifting away from me. Whenever I hang out with them, I am like a totally stranger sitting with them. I can't keep up with them or get what they are talking.

    MG, not only my friends, after staying in this rented house for about 2 years, I am experiencing the same thing with my own HOUSEMATES! The last time I had dinner together with them was like 4-5 months ago and I could not talk to them for few days. :-(

    This is so sad... Not only because I'm not good in socializing, but also because, well, they are moving out towards their own life. I'm so tired.... I don't have any friends anymore. The friends that I make through blogging are even better than those friends in real life!!!!!

    I feel like crying after reading and commenting now...

  4. Munkit, Of course you're countered. Thats why I said, I can even have friends sitting on this chair. Ain't that just great?

    Carol, you are already going thru the transition phase... boo hoo hoo yes?

    Jason, your phone rings every 2 days? Be happy, be very happy. Mine hasn't rung for at least 2 years!!!! (unless someone needs something) :-(

  5. Let's blame it all on the fast pace of life. Will that make you feel better?

  6. MG, my friends also drifted apart already. Now, I only have like less than 10 good friends. But I am fortunately that my best friend, VF, whom I've known for the last 28 years, is still in touch very much with me. :) Those from school (high school) no more in touch already. While those from college, mostly in KL, we meet up once a blue blue moon but the last time I saw them is like 2 yrs already.

  7. I still got best friend which keep in touch, they will call me quite offten. Cause everyone got own family so we just saw each other in the wedding dinner or fullmoon dinner sometime in their children birthday dinner. Very miss the life b4 married :P

    We keep in calling each other talk about our own family life. So when we meet we still have title to chat, and didnt miss out anything we dunno.

  8. ET, What makes me feel better is now I have my online frens like you loh. :)

    mystic, its very nice to still keep in touch with your childhood bestfriend isn't it?

    1+2mom, At first my friends and I continued to meet up during the weddings but now mostly married so no more weddings to attend. Haha.

  9. MG: Yeah lor. Today he's a successful engineer & a very good looking one too...hehe *wink* He's the only friend I know who will stand by me no matter what lor

  10. mystic, so, childhood friend got turn into childhood sweetheart or not or just friends. Hehe so kaypoh.


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