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Thursday, March 10, 2005

I'm in shape... round is a shape!

I'm soooo unfit. My current lifestyle is too sedentary. After all, how much exercise can one get carrying a baby and chasing a toddler around less than 1000 square feet of space. I need some exercise. I'm turning into a couch potato, only my 'couch' is the chair I'm sitting on right now.

I really admire those who can make exercise part of their day and maintain it that way. Me? I'm too lazeeeeee. I think it takes a lot of effort and self discipline to maintain an exercise routine. Oh.. I've had my days at Aerobic classes, swimming, jogging, running around picking up tennis balls, but they're like seasonal exercises. Easy come easy go.

Mr MG and I got a stationary bike a little while ago as thats the only exercise we can hope to have with a baby and toddler around. We thought about it really hard because as you grow older you realise that you can no longer take your health for granted. We need exercise, good food and good sleep. The Food and Sleep part is easy but the exercise? Well the stationary bike is collecting dust. Hmm...maybe wiping the dust off the bike can be considered exercise??

I long to have the feeling I get after a good workout. The kind of tired but relaxed feeling. But in order to get that feeling, I would have to do some 5-10 minutes warm up, at least 20 minutes working real hard to meet my target heart rate and a further 5-10 minutes cooling down and then off to a nice sweet smelling shower. Oooh it feels good just thinking about it but I do not have the luxury of time. I would be huffing and puffing at the bike and then baby goes "Waaaah!" (I want my breastfeed). Toddler is easier to handle. I can just bark orders to her from the bike.

Of course baby is older now and requires less breastfeeds but I'm still using that lame excuse.... Somebody please come and scold me. Tell me to get off my 'couch' and go and get some exercise at least 3 times a week 20 minutes each time. Help! Help! I need to improve my fitness, my health and of course my figure. I'm 20 pounds heavier than my previous self now while Mr MG looks exactly the same as the day we got married. Its not fair. Help! I don't want to look like his older sister. Help! Help! Help!

MG's tip to single young ladies: Marry a man at least 5 years older. You see, its very unfair but men tend to age more gracefully than us ladies. After a while, if you're not careful, your other half will start to look like your younger brother.

Hmmrph! (Even toddler cannot recognise MG in the wedding photo at the head of our bed. She pointed happily to "daddy" in the picture then hesistated and MG had to tell her "Thats mummy!" *rolls eyes*)


  1. Want to beat you liao. Early morning reminds me how sedantry I am. And another flick on the hand. My hubby is 4 yrs older than me and shitty people still go errrr....your.....errrrr...'cos he is so damn young looking. 44 yrs and ppl think he is only early 30s. Tiusss as if I marry man younger than me by 10 years. I have to live with this awkward situations because he is many, many inches shorter than me and he never grows old (because I am such a good wife who took good care of him mah). cis, now whole day I geek hei liao. Come join me couch potatoes?

  2. exercise..exercise..kill me laa...

  3. Hahha... No need to exercise so much liao! Aldy got Mr. MG mah. :) Now all you have to do is watch out for the food and sleep part, exercise part pulak leh, make it as a leisure exercise, do it when u are free loh. :) hahaha!

  4. maybe you can ride the bike while holding baby and feeding toddler at the same time! or do what i do...baby-lift bicep curl. weight will increase by itself every month...

  5. I hate execise! becos I hate repeat doing something, everyday, in the certain hour.
    and I hate being label unhealthy by those health nut.
    but seriously, I think one person's like can very much reflex to what their personality, if one can't stand follow routine which mean she/he will be a more interesting person, instead of repeat the same old thing day after day, and for live marn...how boring...

  6. 5Xmom, no need to beat me lar, today you adi 'beat' Jason and mata merah to the comments board. BTW where is the red eye spy?

    msau oso no exercise wan ah?

    Jason, Kenot! I'm not SYT ler not like you HYT no need to exercise for time being oso can.

    Simon, "baby lift bicep curl." hahaha. I don't need biceps, I need to reduce biceps!

  7. no more SYT for MG.. now truly and auntie :Pp try some lighter and easy-to-do exercises.. they may help.. e.g.. type a blog entry using your toes, or use your tummy to move the mouse. serves the same purpose and keep your muscles healthy :)

  8. Yee? Twinsmom? I missed your comment liao. We comment at the same time! Eh... you trying to blow your own trumpet or what. Ownself say ownself interesting...

  9. Huh? Another one typing comment same time as me. Wah... today got lots of exercise lah... for the fingers at least... haven't tried the toes yet.

  10. Wow.. MG,
    I die lah.. !!! my spouse 8yrs younger than I... !!!!!! Mati..!! i'm gonna look like his mom..????!!!!??? Sure die now..!!!

  11. ermmm....here PG13 or 18+? exercise hor doesnt mean have to run 10miles a day or swim 10km a day or go aerobic or dancing (altho dancing actually better than the rest)...ermm...still got that ...ermm ...you know lah ... bed romp. my ObGyn told me, dont waste $$$, more time for BR, can kill more calories than running/swimming *hint hint*

  12. MrsT, wah your story cyberlove summore younger man. So exciting. Faster tell lah!

    Chrissy, dat one hor, too short a time kenot burn enuf calories.

  13. Yeah, MrB only two mths younger but looks like a "siu didi" next to me. only consolation is that he has since gained weight whereas I am still where we started off - skinny. Exercise? I read somewhere that consistent housework for 30-40 mins is considered a good form of exercise as well.

  14. MG, My mom told me the exact same thing. She told me this- you want to marry someone younger than you and you look waaaaaay older than him when you're in your 40s is it?


    My mom is 7 years younger than my Dad. She's 47 but ppl say she looks like she's in her 30s. ;)

  15. wah...can and copy and paste your entry to my blog or not?...almost exactly my sentiments leh..

    As it as, mu hubby alry look younger than me, I feel like his mother in public..sheesh..

    but excercise...? alallalalalalla
    you were saying?

  16. Mrs B, I don't do very much housework :-PpP (Benefit of living in a small space. Yahoo!)

    Eileen, Wow, your mum is very young. Another few more years and I could be your mum!

    ET, But..but...but.. you look so young! (Copy and paste lah, no problem wan).

  17. errr. i dun like to do exercise but have to chase after my son when he cycle.Haiz.. after i bought a bicycle for him i wanna chase after him everyday we go park.Sometime got big jie jie there i ask my son follow the girls there, so i no need run after him..muahahha.

  18. 1+2mom, like dat I should buy bicycle for toddler and go to park for exercise hor?

  19. young auntie.. you only *count count count*.. this old ma.. how can it be that you look older than your husband

    *runs away and hides*

  20. Hi MG

    Have you tried Atkins Diet? I did it for 6 months and lost 10kg. Now I'm skinnier than before I had girlgirl. But you need to exercise. I jog 45 minutes a day after girlgirl goes to bed (on threadmill at 10km/hr). Now I'm very fit, much fitter than Hubs. But you can try walking around the block for 30 minute a day together with Atkins. I did that at first and lost the first 4 kgs within a month!!!! It really works!

    BTW: nice blog and website. Cheers!

  21. Diamond, If you're fit, its because you work very hard for it. 45 minutes! How do you do it? What time does your girlgirl go to bed? Can you see me shaking my head in awe and admiration at your discipline?


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