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Monday, March 21, 2005


Baby Image from Hassle Free Clip Art.com

MG to toddler:

"No! You can't have that. Please put it back!"

"No! Don't touch that! Thats dangerous."

"No! Don't pull baby's hair."

"No! Don't put that in your mouth."

"No! Don't climb on the table."

"No! You can't have another tub of yoghurt. One a day is enough."

and the list goes on.....

Toddler to MG:

MG: "Come here and change your diapers."
Toddler: "No."

MG: "Come here and eat your porridge."
Toddler: "No."

MG: "Come here. Its time for your bath."
Toddler: "No."

MG: "Come and wear your socks."
Toddler: "No."

The moral of the story: What goes around comes around.

Recently toddler has discovered the power of the word "No" so she's busy practising it. *(*rolls eyes*) "The experts" say don't say "No" to a child too often or this is what you get. "The experts" also say let them win some battles, blah..blah..blah.

This is a toughie for parents. Some rules needs to be established so that we don't end up with little spoilt brats running around but sometimes this is easier said than done. Its easy, waaaaaay too easy, to give in when one is very busy, running late or just too darned tired. (MG: "No, don't touch the keyboard!" Time to go... Be back later!)


  1. When I was small, I used to ask permission from my mum for everything I do. Well, mostly everything she said "NO". Today, she has been asking me alot of stuff, I answered "YES" but with a grumpy face. :bpbpbp

  2. Good thing to train her to say no from young! :) next time she'll find it easy saying no to drugs, alcohol, cigarette and premarital sex :P

  3. Hey.. MG,
    I hear you girl..!! sounds too familiar a scenario at my home.. hahha!!

  4. Jason, you should experiment saying "Yes" with a happy disposition and see what happens?

    Munkit, Yah, we'll certainly want her to say "No" to those.

    MrsT, I'M STILL WAITING... for your love story.

  5. My son also on this stage :( he same month and year with your girl. One hole day just call him to sleep, to bath and nap are very difficult.

  6. 1+2mom, I try to make things fun for her lah so its not too difficult becos she looks forward to bath (can play with water), nap (but kenot mention the word sleep, must say read book, she will fall asleep herself when sleepy lah), accept eat (now that one a bit susah becos she does not like to try new food).

  7. Girls always very eazy to persuit lar..BOY! you will know one day :P

  8. So I heard. My baby boy growing up. Now his sister bully him but soon he's gonna bully her back I think.

  9. Akan Datang MG .. too busy with the security camera/video launch at the moment.. and too many sales quote to do.. plus gotta whip the staff.. and bitch slap some customers.. so kinda full .. my hands.. sorry hor..!

  10. hey..my baby niece has that 'No' syndromme too. she's a year plus and can say no with the greatest authority! Cute, for the moment. Hehe. Asked if her CNY's clothes are pretty, she said No. Asked her to sit up straight, she said No. N when she doesnt like u sitting ard her, she said 'Go'. Haha.


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