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Friday, March 04, 2005

You are tracked!

I am... errr was a new kid, I mean (*ahem*) Ah Soh on the blog. (Wait ah? I check my sidebar). Wah 6 months blogging adi, not so new now. The longer I blog, the more good blogs I come across that I want to follow/read and comment.

Hmm... so many good blogs to read, so little time. What to do? Must get one of those news/blog reader thingy. But I don't want to download anything on my PC. The more I download, the more risk there is for virus and spyware on my pc making it so slloooooow to load webpages. Then kenot blog, how? (We've got antivirus protection, Spybot Search & Destroy and Ad-Aware but theres still a risk.... especially for a non-it savvy Ah Soh like me. (with a half past six knowledge) Hmm.... what to do? (*search search search*)

Okie. Found solution adi. Ah Soh got herself another freebie, a web-based news aggregator or reader from Bloglines. Its so easy to use too. I like it. So, everyone on my sidebar, you have just been tracked. (I'm happy that I've managed to subscribe to all your great blogs so that I will know each time you update your pages without having to go and check your blogs again and again. Ah Soh very busy wan, no time to check so many times.)

Note: If you are a silent reader of my blog or if you have a good blog, please own up. Now that I have my blog reader up I can follow more blogs in less time.
(half past six = a term to denote incompetence)


  1. Congrats on finding Bloglines!

    A thousand times better than Blogrolling.com! You can even categorize your blog rolls for free using Bloglines and show those categories on your sidebar.

    Blogrolling.com can do that as well but not for free, and also a bit more unwieldy.


  2. yea yea i track all my blogs too.. if not checking back is really a chore.. i've only specifically chosen few blogs.. including sahms one.. to hit back every now and then to kacaukacau in the commentbox :)

    like spy hor haahah

  3. Aiyoh,once u got this type of things also not very good one ler.Since i install this feed reader thingy,each new update brings me to the blog.It will be very time consuming when u just finiz read one,got new ppl update.So u go read.read finiz,got another ppl update.So u go read.read finiz,another update and the process repeat.very jalat oso one leh!haiyoh~i dunn its good or bad pun.

  4. oh i didnt know that. i mean, i saw many ppl using blogrolling, so i didnt bother to check the rest =) malas nyeeeeee..

    and please, dont call yourself ah-soh. you are still far to reach that stage. (er, ah soh means auntie right?)

  5. I got feedreader and only have 2 blogs and 2 forums registered. Even that, I found so distracting liao because like what Jason said lor. Glued to the seat liao. So, now, I only visit MMB twice a day. And erhmmm about 5 blogs that I go 3-4 times a day, checking the comments box as well. The rest, I visit like every 3-4 days. If not die lah, can forgot about doing anything else but blog reading.

  6. solb1 kenobi, wah, so long your profile name, sounds like creature from star wars like dat. Cheers to you too and yes, I like it. Its very easy to use.

    Munkit, yes hor, just like you spying on the IRC wan yah or not?

    Jason, no time to read dat time, just click "Mark as read" can adi lah but nvm, now your exam over, free adi...

    Hazel, I AM old but always young at heart lah and yes Ah Soh is auntie.

    5XMom, Hehe. Got 2 blogs and 2 forums registered adi glued to seat, if register all your blink, finish. no more blog from you, read oso take all day!

  7. walau...new thing...I just got feedreader only, and I got more than 25 feeds in it, twinsdad mata besar besar saw so many blogs :P.
    will check this bloglines out, what is the different between this two?

  8. ohh..MG..always found usefull tool on ur blog wan...TenQ ohh...I gotta go for it liao...

  9. twinsmom i think they're almost the same.. feedreader need to be installed by blogline is webbased.. i'm using RSSowl.. all reading rss and atom also :)

  10. Twinsmom, the spy answered your question liao. I like it becos its webbased, no need to download anything on my browser and can look at it on any pc. Cheywah as if got lots of places to go like dat wor...

    msau, it saves me a lot of time so far abuden Jason and 5Xmom said very time consuming after a while...

    munkit, another community service by good ole munkit. Thks for answering twinsmom.

  11. haahah wahh i got nickname.. 'the spy' not bad not bad :)

  12. MG - change the nick to "THE STALKER"

  13. now jason dont you try to 'deflower' my nick ha.. what stalker.. i'm THE SPY.. so cool :)

  14. wOW!! MG .. ;) stylo malo huh..?? not ah soh lah.. ;)

  15. Whoa, high tech ah so la. I also don't have much time for blogging - that explains my two-three updates per week, rather than almost everyday once. Dont have much time to browse also - so what I do is only blog-hop and read the blogs under my links section. I rarely go into petaling street even. Time constraint - there's just too much to do besides blogging. Work, studies, life.. :D I don't track, i click one by one. With Mozilla firefox, i use my centre-button on my mouse to open pages in new tabs, so it's pretty fast you see :D

  16. Munkit, Jason, Boys...boys... don't fight here. Go and have a duel someplace else then come back and tell me who is the stalker and who is the spy yah? You two, always go everywhere together gether wan, so one must be the stalker, the other the spy lah. You both decide, don't bother auntie. Muahahahah.

    Mrs T, Stylo malo or trying to be stylo malo?

    Narrowband, Mozilla so "gerng" ah? no wander so many people switching. I'm still using IE....

  17. uh, yeah...I use blogline liao, yah, thanks Munkit, I like blogline becos it not need to install to my pc, better, so I uninstall the feedreader liao, twinsdad rolled eye liao see me change and change :P

  18. i'm the spy. he's the stalker. :P

  19. Hi MG

    Me not so silent reader. Left so many comments on your blog liao!

    Love reading your blog. Found out about it after reading Mrs T's blog.

    Take care!


  20. Thanks for visiting my blog diamond. I'll pay you a visit too when I get my act together. Right now I am cutting back on my blogging time to concentrate on other things, this means less blog hopping around for the time being..


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