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Friday, March 11, 2005

Chinese School or National School?

Disclaimer: I'm just a mother seeking the best education for my child. No political discussion please. If you want to discuss politics, please go someplace else. Thank you.

Although my children are still young, I have been thinking about this issue and am feeling a little confused by the conflicting feedback I have been receiving from friends and relatives. Some of the comments I have heard include:

"With China having opened its doors to the world economically, I see further advantage for a proper Chinese education."
"I send my child to Chinese School because it is more strict and disciplined."
"I regret sending my child to Chinese School. It is too stressful for me and my child."
"My child cannot cope in the Chinese School environment. There is too much work. He/She has to do schoolwork till the wee hours of the morning. Next year I will switch to National School/send my younger children to National School."
"My child hates Chinese School. We don't speak Mandarin at home so he/she cannot catch up."
"I cannot help my child with his/her schoolwork because I don't understand Mandarin."
"I cannot help my child with his/her schoolwork because the Malay is too deep for me."
"I sent my child to National School but I have to send him/her for extra Mandarin tuition."
"Chinese School students perform better academically."
"Chinese School environment is too competitive for my child because of the focus on being better academically."
"I sent my child to Chinese primary school. Now he/she cannot cope with the Malay in National Secondary school so I have to send him/her for extra Malay tuition or he/she will have bad grades."
"The class size in my child's Chinese/National school is too huge."

Blah, blah, blah..... There is more but I can't remember them right now. I am from National School and I found no problem with that. My only regret is I am Chinese but I don't understand Mandarin and I think being able to converse and read Chinese is useful. So parents with school going children and young people from Chinese/National Schools, please give your views and share your experience. Now shoot.


  1. i'm from a chinese primary sch.. and i'm glad that i have attended it. since MG is english-speaking it would be good for the child as they get exposure to both languages.

    i think english is far more important; but being able to speak and read chinese in an advantage.

  2. I regretted very much not sending my kids to Chinese school jus bcoz I was afraid tht I can't help them with their homework. Stupid, coz now they will miss out on learning Mandarin unless I send them for Mandarin classes. Mandarin is almost as widely used as English in the international scene. For your child's future, well, I'll say go for it!

  3. Munkit, Ya lah, I do admire you guys can read and write 3 languages.

    Bkworm, Thanks for sharing. :-)

  4. u know what, i facing the same problem! but i'm more inclined to send them to chinese school...since no tamil schools in my area :)

  5. Simon, then you can read the comments on the haloscan, interesting view from all who responded.

  6. I'm ready to move to a place in Selangor or KL where my children can get good education. I think that is more important that they have good start. But unfortunately with me even ready to sell my home and shift I haven't found a better school. There are always pros and cons. And my priority is that children should not be stressed and they should have joyful learning envirnoment. When we are adults we do ofcourse go through lots of difficulties. Let not the trouble start at an early age itself. I do not mean that they should not work hard to study. I mean they should not be stressed and squeezed. But canning seems to be common in some primary schools and there also seems to be colour and racial problem where children are not given equal opportunity. I think these are a lot of stress for children and it is no wonder that they mention 17% of school going children from 7 years onld onwards were affected pschycologically in Malaysian schools as amntioned in a paper today. Let children be not deprived of their childhood. A school that is safe and clean and near is necessary than how many languages our child can pick up. Goodluck...

  7. Hello Dhakshayani,

    When I saw your comment in my email, I thought you were responding to my recent post on this subject:Going to school should be a pleasant experience. Yes, I totally agree with you that young children should not be subjected to so much stress at such a young stage. A little bit of coping strategies is good but not so much stress that they go into depression if they don't do well in school etc. I've visited many schools in my area but unfortunately sometimes the choice is not ours as we are sent to the nearest school rather than one of our choice. We can only appeal and hope for the best. I salute you your decision to sell your home and move for the sake of your child's education. I wish you all the best too!


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