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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Late Bloomer

I'm a late bloomer. Pak tor in late 20s. Married in mid 30s. Start a family in late 30s.

(*calculate calculate*) Seh loh (Seh loh = "Die lah" in cantonese or "Oh Dear"). By the time I'm in my 50s my children still in primary school! Aiyoh! Like dat daddy, mummy have to work very hard until turn old and grey. Kenot retire early.

Some of my friend's kids already in their teens and here I am with my baby and toddler. Ah.. (*bulb lights up*) No wonderlah, I have so few friends now. All of them talking about how well their kids doing in school etc, no one wants to listen to my baby talk.

I remember when we were taking our wedding photos, there were 2-3 other couples, all SYTs and HYTs. (SYT/HYT = Sweet/Handsome Young Things). When the makeup artists was dolling me up right beside this SYT doll, I pointed to the doll and asked "Why can't I have sweet makeup like hers pink-pink one?" (As she was applying orange and green on my eyelids to my horror) to which she replied "We are trying to make you look younger." OMG! Luckily I could still smile and as it turned out, the orange and green didn't look so bad after all in the photos so they knew what they were doing. I have many wonderful memories of the photo session as well as my wedding. Maybe one day I blog before I turn old and grey and forget.

I suppose there are pros and cons in starting a family late. The greatest challenge is how to continue to provide financially for our still dependant kids when we're old but in the meantime I guess our kids are benefitting from having more mature (as in maturity of mind and not body ok?) parents to guide them from very young. We both were also very ready to start a family making the transition to become parents a lot smoother. I have a few friends who became parents too early and keep having the nagging feeling that they have missed out a lot on life but at least they can retire early!


  1. i have an opposite problem than you! I have two kids but my peers are now just getting married! when got married that tiem, like tak cukup umur one...

  2. hhmm..late bloomer no good mee? I think should be the same lor..for me I rather to play gao gao then only be a good wife to start my family lor..this called bitter 1st sweet later...
    Some of my friends married at 18 / 20 ..after 3 kids then only complain no fun collection when young..wanna go back oso kenot liao..
    And hor when ur kids marry liao, u oledi old maa..then got good excuse no to take care grandson/daughter liao maa...lagi good..:PP

  3. Let see, if I get marry now, by the time I pass away, maybe I got 5 generations under me and I can do RED funeral instead of white one. But I lose out all the fun and life is more difficult.

    If I get marry later, I will be still working even after 55 and my kids still cant support each other or us yet. But i get alot of fun.

    Hmmm...so ma fan! Gf pun tak ada, do what marriage planning. Cis~! :P Jason ngam ngam cham cham again.

  4. Simon, you will have the last laugh mah. You can plan for early retirement.

    msau, I play gao gao adi but then next time oso must work gao gao leh buden good point hor dun have to babysit grandchildren becos too old!

    Jason, You better play gao gao ok? Don't waste time moping about no girlfriend, then later on about why everyone got married, got babies etc..Otherwise can you imagine, you wasted your youth being unhappy when you should be enjoying then when those who retire early enjoying you still have to work very hard. Better go enjoy now. Shoo! Go boy go!

  5. wahh count count count MG old already :PpPp

  6. I like to be young mother and grandmother :P i married at age 23 yo, so young hor but like my mom now can travel to many contry without think twice cause all daughter grow up can take themself liao. My mom just 50 yo only and oledi had 4 grandchildren and 1 more coming this Oct.
    I like travel but now no money, but the time my kids all grow then i can go travel the world with my hubby liao.
    Early bitter then later sweet hor. Dun married too young lar like b4 21 yo, sure not song enough oledi got family.

  7. well time is not really a factor.. as long as the family is happy!! :)

  8. Si Munkit always trying to count ppl's age. No need to count, I tell you, its 38 or is it 39? errrr... you know ah, cis.. old adi kenot remember. Born in 1966 you count for me lah since you like to count.

    1+2Mom, Hehe, you like mother like daughter hor.

  9. MG, i'm 10 yrs younger then you :P Izzit your toddler born on 2002 and baby born on 2004?

  10. my mom had me when she was 32 and my dad was 45 then...im the eldest summor...youngest now baru 12 la.

  11. *autumn-music*, so as the eldest you should later on help to support the younger ones to ease the burden from your parents right? Hehe, kesian eldest child.


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