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Monday, March 07, 2005

Night Owl and Early Bird

I'm a night person. I am usually very wide awake and perky at night and in the daytime, well, I can sleep till noon, till the sun shines on my bum and says "Wakey! Wakey! You sleepyhead!" No, night persons are not lazy people, we are just wired that way. I'm very alert and do my best work at night. When I was a student, I would burn the midnight oil because thats my best time to absorb and learn new things.

When I was working, I would hit the snooze button again and again, skip breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed and put on warpaint in 5-10 minutes, drive like a madwoman and arrive at the office in the nick of time. Thats me.

Mr MG on the other hand is a morning person. The kind that jumps right out of bed all chirpy and ready to greet the day. The kind that takes a shower, have breakfast and arrive at the office before everyone else, the kind that wakes up early even during weekends. It took me a while to get used to that. As I'm sure it took him a while to get used to my love to sleep-in in the mornings.

Oh well, they say opposites attract right? I did say once before that we're as different as night and day and that goes for our biological clock too. Well, I'm night and he's day. I'm the night owl and he's the early bird.We could have wars about this if we choose to but luckily we have come up with the concept of "I take care of you, you take care of me." like in the cowboy movies where they would take turns looking out for enemies so we too will take turns looking after the other, making sure the other is properly tucked under the blankets, not feeling too cold etc. Its a nice feeling. And we have our own quiet time alone too, Mr MG in the morning and MG at night.

Of course, now I don't have the luxury of waking at noon and sometimes I conk out when the kiddoes do because I'm too tired but thats really against my biological clock. Mr MG's body clock is also upset by the kid sometimes. Ahh babies, they are such tiny, innocent little beings but boy oh boy do the have a BIG impact on our lives.

For other night persons like me, here's a link for you.

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