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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Baby is mobile!

No, Baby has not yet learned to crawl, he can gostan (crawl backwards) a little, but not forward.

No, Baby has not yet learned to walk.

And yet when I put him down in a sitting position with his back against the sofa, I find him watching TV right in front of the TV a moment later!

Funny! He has learned to do his very own backside shuffle to move around the room and can even change directions.

At first, Baby disliked being put on his tummy but he is beggining to enjoy it a little bit more now. When his daddy puts him on the tummy and pushes him forward, he would laugh aloud, very excitedly and gleefully. How exciting it must be for a baby to be mobile for the first time! And how exciting it is to watch his wonder and excitement! It makes the night shift all the more worthwhile.


  1. Yay! I realise babies tend to 'gostan' first before they start crawling. I remember my little nephew got so frustrated when he couldn't get the toy which I placed in front of him because he kept going backwards! ;)

  2. my 1st didn't walk until 18mths, the second one walks everywhere. Hv to watch her 24-7...

    I like your blog, too!

  3. My SQ also gostan 1st ler..very funny ler...

  4. Wait till he gets more mobility,and you are so gonna be big head then.Enjoy the moment when he is still static.:bpbpb

  5. this is the cutest phase of childhood! :P the baby starts to understand a word or two.. starts to enjoy the ability to explore and wander..

    yeah lor ahaha as jason said.. :P when baby starts to climb up n down.. it's going to give you lotsa headaches

  6. Eileen, next time you see a baby just beggining to crawl, put the toy behind them.

    Simon, so you 1st one worry like mad, 2nd one also worry like mad yes?

    msau, its fun to watch them.

    Jason, Munkit, maybe then MG can slim down, chasing after two. BTW, all children are cute until they reach the age of you two. Hehe.

  7. give a week or two, baby will be crawling!

  8. wei! my comment kena eat liao ah?
    forgot what I comment liao...cheh...
    hohohoho...look forward to MG's baby crawling blog...title: "where is my baby?" or "now you see him, now you don't!"

  9. Baby learning to crawl?? Very cute one leh. Last time i see my nieces & nephews so farnie when they make the first crawl, take the first step etc...

  10. when the time your baby start crawl staircase then you more pening. My twins now like to crawl staircase, i'm very buzy to catch them back to floor.haiz.

  11. Hey.. MG,
    Mine went from crawling to immediately walking.. didn't really spend much time crawling.. and never gostan either leh.. heheheh!!

  12. Buaya, yes, he's starting to pull up a little too. Yesterday he pulled up halfway using me as a prop :)

    Twinsmom, where is my baby???

    Mystic, yah they look VERY cute when they first learn to walk.

    1+2mom, I'm glad I don't have any staircase.

    MrsT, so your Chloe is one of those who just got up and go yah?

  13. MG, she crawl crawl abit. and then got up.. and walk. ;) but of course.. at first.. hang on to stuff first lah.. like chair lah.. or her bouncer.. ;)


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