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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Blog Talk

There is something new in the Malaysian Blogging Scene. Its the Malaysian Bloggers Forum by LiewCF. So if you have a blog and you feel like talking about the What, Where, Why and How of Blogging, do hop over there to have a look. You need to register to join in the discussion.

If you haven't seen the site (though quite a number of you have), here's a sneak preview of some of the discussion rooms.

Announcement & Feedback

Bloggers Community - Communication between local bloggers.
Helps and Tips - Get helps on blogging and share your blogging tips
Mamak - General discussion. Chat and post anything you like here.
Sub-Forums: Movies/TV, Music, Computer/Gadgets, Food
Events and Gatherings - Post your blogger events and gatherings here.

Blog Sites
Member Blogs - Share your blog site here and get feedback from other bloggers.
Cool Blogs - Found a nice blog? Share here.

Blog Resouces - Resources for you to get start blogging
Transfer Posts & Archives
MovableType & TypePad
Others - Discussion and help about other blogging scripts/softwares
Blog Template/Skin - Give your blog a beautiful look.
Blog Add-ons - add-on to add features to your blog. Counter, commenter, shoutbox, etc.

Products and Services Promotion

At the time I publish this post, the statistics are as follows.

Malaysia Bloggers Forum Statistics
Threads: 86, Posts: 533, Members: 94

Not bad for a 3 day old forum don't you think? So why not hop over there to discuss about your blog and blogging with other like minded bloggers. Ok. Thats MG's little bit of marketing for the day. See you there.


  1. Yeah, this forum nice. Join. :D

  2. finally we have a place to chitchat!

  3. never thought of having a forum for all of us. now we have one already!

  4. JxT2J, Wah, you were really fast. I just published my post and then you commented. Haha. Must have been passing by just then huh?

    Munkit, Our name at the members list together gether one. Haha.

    Hazel, Like Munkit says can chit chat there now.

    Twinsmom, Where were you all day huh? Busy shopping I heard!

  5. no leh, streamyx bill didn't pay got cut lor...but pai-seh to tell ppl didn't pay bill mah, mah want to say shopping lor, mana tahu ET called me wor, if I went shopping how come can answer phone at home leh? mah bocoh liao lor, LOL...

  6. Twinsmom! Last time you forgot to pay phone bill! Now streamyx bill pulak! Tsk! Tsk!

  7. hehehe...not my fault, I used to be the one who pay the bill, but now is twinsdad's job, is his fault not mine :P

  8. hehehe...not my fault, I used to be the one who pay the bill, but now is twinsdad's job, is his fault not mine :P

  9. thanks for writing for MalaysiaBloggers.com! :)

  10. lcf, a little feedback. The forum is a great idea but so far there is little discussion going on. The other forum that I belong to ie the breastfeeding and parenting forum run by 5XMom has a lot of discussion partly becos I think she will think of interesting topic ideas and start off some discussion threads to get the ball rolling. Otherwise you may find the members staying away... Just my two cents.


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