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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Birth Order Dynamics

Baby will be turning one in about a month's time. I have no idea what to buy him as a present. Clothes is a no no present for babies. Its soooo boring. A toy. Definitely a toy. But what? He has been playing with all his sister's toys? Must get him his own toy. Just for him. (*makes mental note* and must keep toddler away from his new toy.)

Baby is No.2 (oh definitely not in terms of affection) but merely No.2 in sibling hierachy. No2. grows up with hand-me down clothes and toys and with a ready-made playmate to compete with. (Talking about hand-me down clothes, once Mr MG asked me how come baby was wearing pink pyjamas. :PpP )

No1 on the other hand usually IMHO is a little bossy and a natural leader. Toddler is showing signs of these now. She will say "Come, come baby, I show you how!"

I am the youngest in the family. What does that make me? Spoilt, pampered and manja queen. Hehe. Incidentally Mr MG is also the youngest. So I pamper him, he pamper me loh. (though he's hardly pampered in his family.)

I am the last out of 5. My eldest sis is 8 years my senior and my second last brother is 4 years my senior. So the 4 of my siblings are squeezed into 4 years gap and then along comes MG after 4 years. Quite clearly an accident! But that makes me a little bit of an 'outsider'. Too young to join in the fun and games. No one bothered to 'listen' to me talk. So I became taciturn. Very quiet. As a youngest child, I also had to measure up to expectations. I remember a teacher telling me "Your eldest sister is so good in Art and your middle sister is quite good too but how come your work is like that?" (Ah... stupid teacher, kill a child's self esteem with such a remark!)

I think what determines a person's character is partly influenced by his/her position in the family, whether eldest, middle or youngest child. Check out some of these sites for an interesting read on birth order.

Birth Order
Adlerian Overview of Birth Order Characteristics
Are first born's more successful?


  1. Hello, hello... over here, please! He he. I noticed my Haloscan getting active again becos everyone lazy to wait for sloooow blogger to load. So I start the ball rolling here. If someone starts commenting the other side, one by one all follow like sheep. But if you're having real problems with blogger, by all means please feel free to use Haloscan.

  2. Glad you are feeling better now.. MG.. ;)

  3. ok the microwave has finally given in after the blackmail.

    you see i'm the eldest.. so like toddler i tend to be a bit bossy.. :P I'm used to ordering people around both in secondary school and at home.

    And due to such upbringing I decided i'm not suitable for corporate world :P

    *runs to science faculty*

  4. I'm the youngest, and my 2nd last brother is 5 years older. But I get spoilt oso, mwahhahaaha.

  5. I love reading your blog cos always so many good reference to fun knowledge wan..

    I'm No 3. With my sisters, I'm the small little sis, with my borthers I'm the towering figure of OLdest sis.. best of all worlds. :)

  6. I'm the eldest, boy lagi! Always have to be independent and do alot of stuff. No pampering like you said as well. I'm lack of parental love. :(

  7. ermmm...i oso last 1 la, bros 5yrs & 4yrs older resp. at least you got sis, sometimes can play dollie or masak2 with, rite.... my bros were gusti-ing away or climb tree (which i mastered at age 6) or swim in the stream (which i failed to even learn how to float) :PpPp but still best to be youngest :D

  8. MrsT, Me too!

    Munkit, surelah, sked of gangster mah. Not suitable for corporate world hah? So what you gonna do?

    Ah.. Silencers, just like MG, spoilt brats we are.

    ET, becos I kaypoh mah and with the WWW I get info practically at my fingertips. You never suffer from middle child syndrome meh? They say middle people don't feel as special as eldest or youngest wor..

    Jason same as Munkit, eldest child. No wonder you two so bossy always fighting to see who's first on the comment board!

  9. Chrissy, so you got tomboy or not?

  10. i'm the middle child of three leh!Have an elder sis & a younger bro.Sigh...so,i'm suffering from middle child syndrome.*sob,sob*:'(
    Being no.2(girl somemore)is not good cos all the clothes,toys,books r handed down by the elder sis.All 2nd-hand goods.For my bro,he got everything brand new cos he's a boy & impossible wearing girl's clothes or playing with barbie dolls.Somemore,most of his books r new too cos he's 5 years younger than my sis & 3 years younger than me.So,most of the syllabus changed alrdy.
    Yeah..in school,most of the teachers called me as "Adik ***(my sis's name)".But also got advantage leh..cos teachers will dote u more.As for measure up to expectations,hmmm...i'm slightly better than my sis.So,not a prob!=P
    But,come to think of it,i enjoy being the middle child.I think i get the less beating from my parents.If we did something that we shouldn't do,my mum will beat my sis 1st cos she's not setting a good example for the younger siblings.As for my bro,he's a boy,so naturally more mischievous than girls,so kena beat too!So,me..always free from beatings!!!Muahahaha....=PpP

  11. I'm no 4 of 6..sure got middle child syndrome lor..cannot bossy like eldest & no manja like youngest..very cham ler..
    But I learned d way to keep attraction from my parents liao...

  12. Am the youngest but big gap of 10 years. So as far as I am concerned, I am like the only child. The world revolves around ME. I am bossy in school, in working place, blogging world (???), almost everywhere. A control freak.

    My atm is the youngest too and I found it so hard to get along sometimes 'cos I want someone to direct/instruct me and he wants the same. Die la, in the end, I kena make all the major decisions at home.

  13. tEo, kesian nya, got middle child syndrome buden the power of positive thinking rules. No beatings for you!!

    msau, what way? Share share lar, maybe tEo oso can learn some tricks.

    5XMom, oh you oso sama-sama youngest kahwin youngest looking for person to instruct type ah? Come we shake hand.

  14. I hate to ne eldest, always being tell to be a good example, so tiring...then i found ET more like a eldest than me, and a lot better than me, but you ask her tire or not, being a eldest figure.

  15. I'm the youngest and I'm very very pampered; spoilt even to some extent. I get my way all the time. All I need to do is to show my discontent and I get what I want. But, as I grow up, I have also grown out of that spoilt streak in me. I still like to be pampered so my bf does all the pampering on me now...he feeds me when I'm lazy to eat and he tucks me in before I sleep..hehe..

    And a pressie for baby? I suggest a toy...my nephew celebrated his 1st bday in December and my sis got him a fire engine. He loves it so much! Maybe a pop up picture book? Or a baby puzzle??

  16. twinsmom very the lazeee... eldest role oso can hand over to ET.

    Cherry, Welcome to the club of spoilt brats. BTW, fire engine sounds interesting...

  17. i'm the eldest so get more attention by my parents. It is not a good matter cause got so many responsiblity and must be a good example for the younger sister :(

  18. 1+2mom, more fun to be youngest hor?


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