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Monday, March 21, 2005

Poll Results

MG's "I Love You" Poll is now officially closed.

Here are the results. And (*drum roll*) the Grand Total of people voting is....(*more drum roll*) errr (*giggling* "Don't laugh ya?) 18! (*Ta da!*)

MG's Poll
Will You Say It?
Yes, Very Important, must say everyday one 33.3% (Nos:6 voted)
Yes, On Special Occassions and when I'm in the mood lah 61.1% (Nos:11 voted)
No Need Lah, So Shy, show enough mah 0% (No: 0 voted. Mr MG would have voted for this I think so MG married a very unique, special, one of a kind man, coz no one else chose this. Hehe)
What for? He/She should know how I feel 5.6% (No: 1 voted. Who's this? Please own up. Haha. Sorry, just kidding. Your identity is protected.)
Thanks for Voting!

For those of you interested in running your own poll in your own blog. Here is the url I used to create the poll. The International Voting Centre Its really easy to create. Just type in your heading and questions, choose the layout and colours and generate. You will get a script to paste in your page or a url which I used. Easy? Why not give it a try. You can run a poll on just about anything your little heart so desires. Its your blog after all, so who cares right?


  1. yeah i voted for 2.. hello monday! :)

  2. EFNTD?
    but then hor....let me think about something to vote :P.

  3. Munkit, Happy Monday!

    Twinsmom, Whats EFNTD? Pardon me so blur buden its Monday got excuse to be blur.

  4. ugh...monday...yay, i voted no. 2 oso!

  5. autumn-music, Happy Tuesday then. :)


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