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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hongkong Star Eric Tsang's Restaurant in KL

Last week on my birthday, Mr MG said "Would you like me to drop you at the shopping complex for a few hours to shop on your own?" Hehe. That was music to my ears. And so I spend about 3-4 hours walking around leisurely on my own, stopping to enter whatever shop or stall that strikes my fancy. That felt absolutely great. 3-4 hours of me time! Woohoo! I wish I had more time though. I probably would have had a meal on my own and went to a movie on my own as well. Hahaha.

For Father's Day, we took dad to eat Tim Sum at the Chinese Restaurant opened by Hong Kong star Eric Tsang. I didn't have a camera with me and besides Mr MG would have thought I was quite mad if I took a camera out and started snapping photos of the place and food to put on my blog. So you can view some photos from this blog instead or read more about the restaurant from TheStar.com.

The food was not too bad and ambience quite nice. The restaurant was located at Hartamas Shopping Center. We took the kids to the Kidzsport there before lunch. This is our first time to Kidzsports. Since it was a Friday (we celebrated early), we had the place entirely to ourselves. Mr MG and I crawled around with the kids and they enjoyed themselves. Even kong kong (grandad) played with some of the balls that flew up in the air when you put it through the machine.

With the first half of the year over, so then is most of our birthday and other celebrations which fall on the first half of the year. Phew!


  1. passed by that shopping mall a few times... maybe this time we'll go in and pay a visit to this famous restaurant!

    thanks for the info!

  2. Aiyah...just realise you also have a few other blogs today. Great...love the kitchen!

  3. Wah, your hubby is sure nice to let you have some own time. My hubby have never suggested such sentence to me before! hahahaha....

  4. Eventhough I wished my hubby said that to me. I would prefer that he follow me too .. too much huh ;P

  5. Wow..that's very nice of your hubby! Shopping by yourself for 4 hours, must be great! :) So did you burn a 'hole' in his pocket?:P

  6. egghead,
    There's kidzsport there too.

    I did the kitchen and breastfeeding websites before I started this blog some time ago now.

    It was my birthday mah! Hehehe. Actually hubby had already brought me shopping together with the kids for my birthday present earlier but he knew I was not very "satisfied" because it was quite rushed shopping with the kids in tow.

    You're too much!

    Only a small hole but I did buy something for him and for each of the kids as well. (He didn't manage to get the kids to nap while I was away but thats alright as they are older now and can skip a nap occassionally while mummy shops. Hehe.)

  7. Looks like a good celebration.. I'd seen the advert in Plaza Damas.. but never tried it before.

    Was it good?

  8. zara's mama,
    Yes, its not too bad. Its a big restaurant, the food is reasonable too. They are supposed to specialise in "hot" schecuan type foods but we had the tim sum so that the kids have more choices to try. It was not bad at all. :)

  9. Went there once for family dinner. Had steamboat. Not too bad but quite pricey, hor.


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