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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


This post is for those considering or have thought about committing blogicide (close down blog). Hope you like the confucius sign I created for you and me from CustomSignGenerator.com :)

Here's the top 7 reasons why I cannot commit blogicide for the time being.
  1. This is my ranting place. When I feel lousy, I come here to vent and rant and I immediately feel better afterwards. Its an instant pick-me-up!
  2. This is my positive place. I come here to turn my negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones.
  3. This is my inspirational place. I come here to motivate and push myself to do things which I have been putting off. I come here to improve my self-discipline and willpower. I come here to remind myself to become a better person.
  4. This is my memory box. I come here to record the lovey dovey moments in my life which I want to remember for always so I can look back in fondness when I'm too old to remember.
  5. This is MY place. I come here to give myself a pat on the back!
  6. This is my source of information. I come here to catch up with the latest news, happenings, eateries, movies, recipes etc.
  7. This is my networking place. I come here to network with like minded individuals who provide me with the support and encouragement when I need it. Thank you all.

And the beauty of it is, I can do all these sitting on my chair in my room.

So... whats yours?


  1. Give me a fright, i thought you're committing blogicide when i see the title.

    I love the poster! Thanks for sharing it with us! :)

    Yeah, blogging has become my way of recording moments that i want to remember and thoughts that i want to share with others. Don't think i will stop blogging, it's also my way of de-stressing and get rid of negative thoughts, haha! :)

  2. blogcide ! Zomg!1!!Oneone one or two more years, i think the english dictionary will have to branch out to urban dictionary with 90000 new words every day !

    love the picture

  3. *phew*
    scare me only!!! tot u gonna say byebye.....hehe...

  4. for me... I just wanna see how long I can keep on going... coz I have never successfully written any diary for more than 2 weeks... I think as long as I can shoot photos of my son... I will keep on going :)

  5. Phew! I toothought you were quiting!

    I find blogging addictive too, but it makes me feel good. I am proud of my write-ups too. I find it a good source of memories for my children when they grow up.

  6. You managed to shock me...seriously thought u were gonna close the blog.:P

    I tell hubby that blogging is my way to use up my 25k words a day quota since he's not much help in that dept. Lol.

  7. Hehehe, so cute Mr. Confusion. You got me confused for a while there.

  8. Phew...thought you gonna commit blogcide. I love your blog so much you know...

    Thanks for sharing the confucius pic. Cute

    I'm in love with blogging. Not going to give up though hubby brought it up again about me blogging and putting our safety at risk. He said I play with fire.

  9. me too.. idont think i can commit blogicide at the moment.....

  10. blurblur,
    I love the site which enabled me to make the fake poster. You should check it out.

    Yup. Thanks to blogging.

    Cannot. How can say bye bye? Still got so much to say...

    Lol! You're doing very well indeed. I'm not a diary writer as well. Always filled up the first few weeks in a year only. In a diary, you can't have video clips, photos etc.

    Blogging... you either love it or you hate it..like durians. Hehe.

    sarah's mummy,
    Haha. Are you sure you only use 25k words a day?

    I thot that it wld be cute for old Mr Confusion say something new and techy.

    Well, just dun put your personal numbers or address in there would help I guess.

    Its kinda sad to see some bloggers do that ie disappear into thin air.

  11. Yeah loh.. I also thought you are going to commit blogcide..

    Glad you have more sense than that.. :P

    Yes.. when blogging becomes addiction it can be a pain. I try not to reach there as well.

  12. Sometimes I need to moderation. It is a bit of an addiction, not so much the writing part but the template tweaking!

  13. Glad you stayed on. I am addicted to reading blogs than blogging.

  14. ah choy... day time bright light scare poeple like this... luckily I came back from vacation and saw another post follow up.

  15. phew! luckily you are sensible.. just like the rest of us blog addicts!!! hahaa....

  16. zara's mama,
    Its a fine, thin line, blogging for fun and addicted to blogging. One can easily fall into the addiction pit! Hahaha.

    Oh yeah! Tweaking is a favourite passtime of mine as well!

    I'm addicted to both. :P

    Thank you. I mean it.

    Honestly, I didn't mean for it to give the wrong impression like it did. Lol!

    king's wife,
    We blog addicts are real sensible ppl aren't we? We are sensible not to abandon blog just like that. It'll hurt too much. Hahaha!

  17. Love your little Confucius quote.

    How many people are addicted to
    blogging by now???? Must be in


  18. Hello Marie,

    Welcome to my blog. So.. are you one in a million (blog addict too)? ;)


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