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Monday, June 05, 2006

Teaching is hard!

Hubby commented that I need to teach my girl in a more structured manner. He suggested that I wake her up earlier to teach her for about 2 hours before baby wakes up! *Faints* He also mentioned that I haven't been reading to baby very much, at least not as much as I used to read to my girl at his age. Thats true. Poor baby. Hubby also said that I have time to read story books but not to baby! Ah! That man. Just because I'm not working, he usually feels that I'm not doing enough for the children when I do things for myself. Once he said to me "Why do you blog? It doesn't do anything for the family?" Aiyoh! I told him "I blog for me because it makes me happy." To me taking care of myself means I can take care of the family better.

Ok. So now he got me all hyped up about teaching my girl. The fact that I feel a little bit guilty for spending time on myself instead of the kids aside, I do feel excited about teaching her because she is at a ripe age for learning and very eager to learn. I am eager to teach her but I don't know where to start! Theres languages, math, science, social studies, arts, music. My goodness where to start?

I got excited reading about home schooling. I went to the bookshops to browse and was disappointed at the incomplete series of books available. I guess I need to do a little bit more research on this but for the time being we have started "lessons" at home. The "lesson" went well today. First we read a little bit (from the hand-me-down Peter and Jane Ladybird books), then we did some activities (a mixture of math and other things) followed by some writing practise. I wanted to start her off for just 15 minutes first since this is our first day but she seemed to enjoy it so we carried on for 45 minutes. Baby was very good too. He sat down at the table with us and watched us happily.

For now my objective is to get her into the habit of sitting at the same place everyday to "study" for a fixed period of time. I want to show her that learning is fun so she can experience the joy of reading her storybooks on her own. I want her to feel a sense of achievement as the words on her book begins to make sense to her. Hubby says he will leave it to me but I think he is of the opinion that I need to also show her that life is not all about play and sometimes we need to do things we don't like as well. I think I will leave that important lesson for a little later.

At the moment she can write her numbers as well as alphabets from A-Z both capitals and small letters. She can write her own name and some other simple words. So I'll just have to build on that. I'm very excited but at the moment the teaching task seem daunting. And I'm merely talking about teaching a pre-schooler! I need to give this more thought. Thats the benefit of staying home. My mind is not distracted by other things. And I hope to be able to establish a lifetime love for learning in her. I don't think its too early to start and I will try my best. I will try my best to show her that learning is not a chore but a joy.

But in order to do that, first, I must learn.....how to teach!


  1. I am sure teaching a kid is even harder than teaching a college student!
    Gambate MG!

  2. Hey MG, keep it up!! I'm sure your girl and you will enjoy this rewarding session very much.

    I'm also interested in home schooling my pre-schooler though I have already send JS to kindy. I don't know how to start, that's why I sign up my course... A very expensive way to learn. LOL

    My hubby also commented the same thing as your hubby about blogging. But no, I'm not giving up, because blogging makes me happy too. :)

  3. my hubby and SIL#3 more keen and hardworking in teaching Wien, me lazy bum, so always kena 'lecture' by hubby too! :(
    Home schooling quite popular in Singapore, last friday night I just watch Singapore's channel showed on this program, sound interesting!

  4. MG, just get the workbooks which r appropriate for ur kids. Sit down with them for a few min maybe 30 mins & guide them. I too teach both my boys & dont believe in tuition.

    Hey tell DH that u spending some 'me time' will not only benefit you but the whole family as you'll be a better mom & wife! Hehehe my 'me' time is running at the stadium & surfing the net. So dont feel guilty having a few hours doing things you luv ya as u deserve it!

  5. After reading ur post, had me sitting down and thinking for a while.

    Gosh! I need to teach Des the proper way too. She'll be entering kindy next year. She knows how to read but when it comes to writing, she still doesn't know how to write her 1, 2, 3 properly, let alone A-Z.

    ALAMAK! What am I going to do and how am I going to start off with first?

    I'm working and the only free time I have is after work. After work, have dinner and bath, just feel like lying on the sofa and watch my favourite Tv programmes. Guess I have to sacrifice some of my time lor.

    Pappy oso complain about why I'm always wasting my time blogging and I don't earn anything from it. Haiya, what does he know about blogging?

  6. Home schooling takes a lot of commitment and discipline. Commitment as in you're willing to learn more to enhance yours and your kids knowledge(looks like you're on the right path). Discipline as in sticking to the routine. Commitment is easy, discipline is difficult to deal with. :P

    An aunt of mine "home-schooled" her kids. She did that when her kids were around 15 y-o. Late bloomers for home-schooling. If you need info, let me know.

  7. Hey.. MG,
    I am wondering if it is the Asian man. .and mentality.. that say things about "why you blog..?"
    Papa BoK knows the importance of me having my "me" time... and i donch really do alot at the store either.. thus making me more a SAHM too.
    I know for sure.. that if Papa BoK were to say something so insensitive like that to me.. he would hear no end of it..! And Papa BoK do as much work as I with chloe.. and the house.. we share all our chores.
    Like if i bath chloe tonite.. tomorrow nite is his turn. If i fed chloe breakfast.. lunch is his.
    So ya.. i wonder if only the asian man would say something like that..??

  8. egghead,
    Come to think of it, you're probably right!

    Maybe you could share your knowledge from your course materials on your blog. Ms Cheapo here wants to learn something new at your expense. Hahaha!

    Yeah, I've been lazy too. It takes time, effort and discipline to sit down with them and teach.

    Yes, it seems like these days, extra tuition has become the norm. I wonder how do the kids cope with the workload.

    You're hardworking to even think about it. Now, if I were working, I'd probably leave the educating/teaching to the kindy teachers :P

    You are right. Home schooling takes a lot of commitment and discipline. I used the wrong word. I'm not talking about home schooling. I don't have the patience or discipline to do that. I'm merely talking about preparing my girl for school. :P

    mama bok,
    I'm not sure whether its an Asian thing mamabok. For us, we are happy with our very traditional old fashion roles in my household. (It may not be the case for others) He works and I take care of the homefront. He helps me out whenever he sees that I'm overwhelmed but I don't help him out! He doesn't like the idea of blogging because he thinks its a waste of time and he doesn't like the invasion of privacy. However despite his own lack of interest and dislike for blogging he lets me have my own interest, space and privacy to do it. I guess he says something like that because he'd like to see me spending more time with the kids which he views as worthwhile instead of on blogging or other stuff which he views as a waste of time. And I think thats what anyone with such views would say and not merely an Asian.

  9. Yeap, teaching a child can be really tough.
    I have the same worry too.. I haven't spent enough reading time with them.. working mum even worse *sigh*
    Have thought of home schooling your kids?

  10. Well, take your time, I am sure you can teach the elder one. As for the younger one, having him sitting down together with the elder one makes him learn too. He'll be able to catch up. As for me, I sent Keith to pre school so that he could learn rather than sitting at home and play. I am working and I don't have the time to teach him, which is why I don't mind sending him for a 2 hr class during weekdays.

  11. I can only spend time teaching Damien during weekends, cos like Tracy, after a hard day's work, i really have no energy to sit with him and teach him his ABCs and 123s..the most i can is do some coloring with him..hehe..

    He still can't write all of the numbers and alphabets but i can see some improvement everyday, sometimes he'll surprise me with a new number of letter...i'm trying to train his attention span though.

    Keep going and i'm sure you and your girl will benefit alot from here, jia you (add oil) o! :)

  12. geetha,
    Yup! Even tougher for working mums.

    Yes, baby benefits too! :)

    Thank you for your encouragement.

  13. Hey.. MG,
    I beg to disagree. I asked Papa BoK if he would say something like that.. ?? or why would men say something like that..?? His reply was.. this is your hobby.. even if you were a SAHM.. spending all day with the brat. .and doing housework.. and cooking 2 meals for her (which i rarely).. is enough to stress you up.. and if blogging is something you enjoy doing.. i doubt any man with the right frame of mind.. would wanna say something that insensitive to his wife. He also added that SAHM is as worthy.. as those that work.. and bring money home.. and by saying something like that.. just makes him think that the person who even think such .. is shallow..??
    As for the privacy thingie.. i donch remember seeing you post pictures.. or name any real names in your blog.. therefore your hubs shouldn't have any grieve on that .. should he..??
    I hope i haven't been too blunt.. and upset you... but it's just my 2 cents worth.

  14. mamabok,
    No, you didn't upset me, no worries but I'd just like to add that Mr MG NEVER ever makes me feel that my being a SAHM is not worthy. He is very, very supportive of my SAHM status and he never questions me about what I post. In other words, he respects my privacy. I don't post pictures or names because I agree with him that its not exactly the best thing to do on a public blog. It can sometimes through no fault of our own get us into trouble (as you know very well too). I guess his remark comes from the fact that he really doesn't understand and dislikes blogging. For eg, if he were home with me, he'd be happy to watch the kids for me while I wasted time playing a pc game for some me time but he'd pull a long face if I were "wasting my time" blogging. Strange?

  15. The teacher do a better job than me. My children somehow don't listen to me when I teach them. Like once, ask my son to write A-Z, he gave me a hard time. Next day, in school all done. Sigh.

  16. michelle,
    My girl isn't exposed to any other teachers yet so she can't make comparisons. Hehe.


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