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Monday, June 12, 2006

Finger Pointing

My two little ones seem to derive a certain satisfaction at seeing the other one being punished.

My girl is always telling me to "beat baby" because "baby naughty". My boy has caught on too. The other day he repeatedly said "Mummy sco" (scold), "Daddy sco" (scold) while pointing to his sister.

Recently Mr MG caught them doing something naughty (I don't remember what and I don't know who was the culprit.) When Mr MG asked baby "Did you do this?" he said "Cheh cheh" (sister). Mr MG then called my girl to the room and asked her the same question "Did you do this?" to which she replied "Baby" and they both pointed their fingers and one another! (*shakes head*)

Thats sibling rivalry for you.

Sometimes they are the best of friends though, chasing each other around the house, clowning around and screaming with laughter. When I hear their squeals of joyful laughter, I feel that only a sibling could give this kind of silly play that a parent can't quite match or at least I can't match that kind of play since I don't have that kind of energy they seem to have.


  1. they are still kids mah! finger pointing is just another normal process for growing up :)

    p/s: maybe it's a good time to tell them the Washington story? :P

  2. this already happend in my house but so far only the elder point to the youngest, guess pretty soon, the youngest will pick up the same too!

  3. Hmm, I think we did that too ;P
    It's part of growing up.. saving ourselves :)

  4. Hehe..When we were kids, we used to do that too. My dad used to punish us by giving us a rotan and caning each other with the rotan.Hehe...

  5. wait until u have three kids.. ayoo, lagi pening kepala. niway, so cutela ur kids.. as always.. :0

  6. Baby learnt that from Jiejie, where did jiejie learn that from?

  7. Is it next week yet? Is it next week yet?

  8. Psst...Paste a 120x160 by the side bar. Way at the top, after your profile. Kehkehkeh

  9. egghead,
    Lol! The Washington story will make a good bedtime story. ;)

    Thats how it all starts. Top to bottom then bottom up.

    Yes, saving our hides from the rotan.

    Caning each other with the rotan? Boy oh boy they will have a jolly good time doing that!

    Becoming referree for the kids even harder than being a football game referree eh?

    zara's mama,
    Must be from mommy and daddy then.

    Yes, its next week and yes, I'm planning to do just that....... as soon as approved cos' now kenot log in to do changes yet. Hahaha. Any other tips ah sifu? Still so new at this, got lots to learn. Even toying with the idea of starting a new blog thats more focussed in content and with less clutter than this one. Hehe.

  10. hahaha..i guess all of us went through that stage.

    Though damien has no one to 'finger point' with now, he's good at this also, he'll tell me : Not me, it's daddy...see, it's just in them lah..;p

  11. Haha. Just like how my sis & I used to be. My mom gave up trying to figure out who the real culprit is & decided that regarless, both will be punished.

    So whenever we got into a fight or got into trouble, everytime my mom hollers "what's going on there?". We'd do a temporary cease fire and in unison answer "Nothing!" & then continue fighting again but more quietly. No sense in getting both in trouble. Lol.

  12. Haa... I'm waiting for that stage to arrive. So far Isabel is the only one complaining about sister. Ally can only look and wonder.

  13. blurblur,
    Yup. Its inborn, I think.

    sarah's mummy,
    Thats what I usually end up doing too. Punish both! :P

    Be forewarned. First its finger pointing, then its pushing, shoving, pinching, beating and biting! Hahaha.

  14. Aiyoh...they are so cute! Haha, finger pointing at such a young age.

  15. Hehe, my gal also pick this up. She tells the bro "papa scold u".

  16. "..." Annabelle even help daddy to get rotan... but thanks goodness only happen once.


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