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Monday, June 19, 2006


It makes sense to me to participate in the adsense program. Afterall, I'm a professional SAHM whose only source of income is her husbands wallet and so I've got to do what I've got to do..... to earn some extra pocket money! :)

You may notice by now that I've put up ads on my blog. Perhaps it may be an eyesore to regular readers of my blog as it does add clutter to the overall look. (Just pretend you don't see it). I don't know about other behaviours but for me personally, I do not click on ad links in blogs I visit. Why? Because when I go blog hopping, I don't have time to read other links. Theres too much to read and too little time.

However, if I were to surf the net for information, then I do click on ad links to lead me to the info that I want. The ads are meant for those who are searching for relevant info who just so happen to be passing by or who has been led here through search engines. I figured out that it is worthwhile to put up the ads on my potential money generating machine blog rather than to let it sit idly somewhere in cyberspace.

I'm glad I did it. Its fun. Its fun to learn new things and terminology. Its fun to tweak my template to see what style would generate more clicks. And of course its fun to watch my cash register go up! Hahaha. Another statistics to watch apart from my traffic and refferer list. Yup! Its definitely fun! Why don't you try it too?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to check how much I earned today. Ciao!


  1. I have had adsense on my blog for quite sometime now but I haven't received a cheque as yet.

    No harm in trying to earn some money from your blog.

  2. You mean - you put up the ad on your blog and they'll send you money? So good ah? ;)

  3. let's exchange clicks wan ah?

  4. The only reason I have adsense in my blog is mainly 4 decorative purposes only since I've no clue how to insert blinkies & those other blog decorating thingamajigs.LOL.

  5. wah earn money from blog? How to do?

  6. Hey MG, if one click helps u earn some dough, let me know & I'll click for ya when free. Must support SAHM, ya?

    Never believe adsense would bring any $$$ to me, though.

  7. adam,
    Oh really? Just out of interest, how long have you put it up?

    You're using blogger too, you can easily read up more about it in your blogger dashboard console.

    ah pek,
    Oi! Kenot! You want to get me booted out of the program ah. Hehe. BTW, I like your new house. Must remember to update my bloglines feed.

    sarah's mummy,
    For decorative purposes? Lol!

    See my reply to blurblur. :)

    Unfortunately, that would be a fraudulent click. Google keeps track of any unusual clicks and will disqualify me but thanks for the SAHM support anyway. :)

  8. Make sure you don't click on your own google ads, else all the money goes back to Google. Have fun with it. ;)

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  10. Good sense alright.. tell me if it's making you millions ok? Then I'll consider.

  11. michelle,
    Yup! I'll make sure thats for sure. Don't want my earnings to disappear poof! by being disqualified. Hehe.

    zara's mama,
    Its not worth your bother but for me, any little bit is helpful. ;)

  12. I used to put adsense in my blog, but later when I have the jewelmine site, I move it over, and get more clicks on it ;).

    Now I want to add one or two to my Chinese blog liao, but no time to arrange it yet, hope can help some Chinese ed mom find more breastfeeding info in Chinese.

  13. Wow, if can earn some pocket money, why not? Too bad I'm an computer idiot...But there's no harm checking it out and try first, right? :)

  14. maria,
    "hope can help some Chinese ed mom find more breastfeeding info in Chinese."
    Thats gr8!

    Its easy to signup. No need to be computer geek to do so. Hehe.

  15. Is that what adsense is about? I am still trying to work out how to add photos here, there and everywhere. So no sense to ad for now lah.
    Good for you SAHM, hope you make loads to buy what you want. You deserve it.


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