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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lesson Funnies

Yesterday's Lesson

Yesterday we learned the concept of "health".

There was a page in her activity book which showed healthy and unhealthy foods. I explained to her which types of foods were unhealthy ie snack foods and sweets which I told her would not make her grow but would spoil her teeth instead. I also told her that eating vegetables will help her to go to the toilet and she remembered that today (although I don't think it will make her eat her vegetables).

There was another page which showed pictures of healthy and unhealthy activities. Healthy activities included skipping, gymnastics and jogging. Unhealthy activites showed the picture of a child sitting at the computer playing pc games.

Later that day, when she found mummy in front of the pc.... "Mummy, you can't do that. Thats unhealthy!" (*MG slaps forehead*)

Today's Lesson

Today's lesson got interrupted halfway by smelley poo from baby! I left her to do some work but she finished it so quickly that halfway through cleaning baby I got interrupted by "Mummy, finish already!" Now didn't I say that I'm always being interrupted?

There was a page which required her to draw a star. I discovered that my girl has an impatient streak in her. She was having difficulty drawing a star and I was trying to teach her but she hardly looked, eager to try it out herself. Gosh! I didn't know it would be so difficult trying to teach someone to draw a star! A star is a lot harder to draw (for a child) than it looks. We tried several times unsuccessfully, so going to postpone the star drawing and work on other simpler drawings first.

She read well both yesterday and today.

I'm happy with the way lessons are progressing. Hopefully I can keep it up!


  1. u had started your lessons! Good work, keep it up!

  2. At least u have ur girl's drawing a star (oh boy, it's not easy drawing a star). Mine's still drawing a circle. Even when she's drawing a circle, she'll be drawing it clockwisely ... haiya ...

    I'm trying to sacrifice my TV times and teach Des like what u are teaching ur girl. U really have set a good example! Thumbs up for u!

  3. Hey, that's a very good start.. both for you and your daughter. Soon she'll be drawing lots of things.. give yourselves some time, both of you will be pro in teaching and learning ;)

  4. So you've started your lessons already! Good job, MG!:)

    And thanks for sharing your 'curriculum' with us, i can be a 'copy cat'...ahhh..see, i'm one lazy mummy...;p

  5. That's what I have in mind too, home teaching like you. Since Justin's born in Dec, he's not ready for school like other kids born earlier in the same year. So, I decided to start home teaching when he's ready, but not sending him to pre-school too soon, unless he's eager to go. We're just reading together only. He seems to like it.
    Your effort will bear fruit someday, and your kids will enjoy the learning process!

  6. your post reminds me i have to read more to the children... which also means currently i'm not reading enough to them, sigh

  7. Good start with healthy foods!

  8. jesslyn,
    Yes, I intend to keep it up.

    My girl draws her circles clockwise too.

    Drawing and reading and counting and writing too I hope.

    Curriculum? What curriculum? Haha. I'm still very unstructured. Don't know where to begin. I'm thinking of getting her an exercise book to make her write down her name and date everyday and I can use it too to jot down what I've thought her and her progress so we can do revision to reinforce learning. Hehe. Ambitious eh?

    Yah She enjoys the learning process so far because it means undivided attention from mummy for an hour. Haha.

    You can read at bedtime. Thats always nice. :)

    a&a's mom,
    It was in the nursery activity book. The children are supposed to circle the healthy/unhealthy activities. I wonder how will they know unless we tell them.

    Thank you, I will.

  9. home schooling?
    Wow.. that's something that most of us non-SAHM can't do. :(


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