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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mothering Times

I've started a new blog to help me earn more pocket money. Aren't I such a money face? Hahaha! This blog is too rojak (mixed) with a potpourri of topics from things I observe around me, to my children's development, doing memes and talking about me. I wanted to have a more foccussed blog that looked more professional. But what on earth can I write about?

Finally I decided that my area of expertise is on being a mother and so Mothering Times was born to record my Mothering Moments. It will only focus on topics about being a mother. I hope all you other mothers out there will support me by linking to my new blog. Thank you. Terima Kasih! Hehe. That'll help boost up my page ranking so that I can get some search engine traffic. At the moment its nil :(

Building up a blog is hard work just like making babies. Thats what my first post there is all about. Getting Pregnant Is Hard Work. Will you come and visit me on my new blog and give your opinion about it? Any suggestions for improvement will be greatly welcomed. Thanks again.


  1. does that means we will see less entry on this blog? :P

  2. I checked out the Mothering Times blog and found the link to your breastfeeding site where you shared about your breastfeeding journey. Wished I read it earlier. I had so much problem breastfeeding and I gave up. Wished I found your story earlier.

  3. i think i should start a new blog too.. one for work. .and one for chloe only and family..??? what you think .. MG..??

  4. oooohhhhh
    so it is youuuuuu!!!!!

    mamabok: i no have ur passwordy. :( miss ur blog ler...

  5. So.... should we check that blog out or check this blog out?

    Managing one blog is already a chore.. I really don't know how you do it with two. good luck.

  6. Wow...another blog for me to read..hehe..will definitely check it out tonight when i'm home! :)

  7. So you have two blogs now? Will check it out.

  8. egghead,
    Perhaps at first, not sure, see how, but I always got lots to say :P

    Yup, just like I wished I had found MMB earlier. There just isn't enough support for us leading to failures. Thats why I put up the website. I searched the internet and read and read other people's success stories (especially those who had difficult times) and it helped encourage me to go on.

    That sounds like a good idea to me mamabok. Than when Chloe grows up she can have a family blog dedicated to her to read. Also if you kept it separate, maybe your blog won't keep on kena kacau or maybe they will find both. Hmmm...

    So.... you found my new blog first. Maybe I should have pretended to be somebody else. Hehehe.

    zara's mama,
    Just pretend I'm another person and put me on your blogroll then you will know when I update. Sorry for the inconvenience hor?

    :) Big Thank you from me.

    Talk about greedy, blog also must have two!

    Thank you for the support.

  9. Great.Can have more tips from your new blog.

  10. Oh I will definately visit ur new home!

  11. Sabrina, a&a'smom,
    Thank you, ladies.

  12. hey, enjoyed mothering times!! gd job!! n i've linked u to my blog :)


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