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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Barney finally made it to KL. And so we sacrificed one morning of grocery shopping to bring the kids to watch the free show (Barney's Beach Party) at 1 utama shopping centre specially brought here by Jaya Jusco Shopping Mall.

It was packed, as expected. They didn't allow any parent to accompany the little ones in the cordoned off area in front of the stage. So we took them upstairs and sat on the floor with them for a birds-eye view instead.

From the top, we could see the children singing and dancing along with Barney. It was obvious that most of them knew the moves and the words by heart. Barney is indeed very successful here. Our kids collection of the Barney vcds surpasses my own collection of music cds easily. I only have a miserable few compared to theirs. (Shows who their father dotes on more eh?) My girl was surprised and delighted to see Barney, BJ and Baby Bop come onto the stage as we didn't tell her beforehand.

For those parents here whose kids have yet to watch it, here are the remaining showtimes:

Tue 27 June - Fri 30 June (3pm, 5pm & 7pm)
Sat 1 July - Sun 2 July (1pm, 3pm & 5pm)


  1. almost forgot about this... thanks for reminding... will bring him there on one of the weekdays :)

  2. Barney & this beach party was in Kinta City Ipoh in early June. I'm surprised Ipoh got this earlier than KL.

    The night I went was during mid-week, and gosh... there weren't many people and little response from those who were watching.

    How embarassing for the performers, but the show must go on......

  3. we've not catch any Barney show in spore, but i think we need to pay in order to watch it, not so sure though..;p

  4. Er, Barney is on TV everyday. Sigh, sien already watching it. Have to watch it for many many years now. *sigh*

  5. egghead,
    I marked my calander so I wouldn't forget.

    The scene was very different on a weekend in KL.

    This just happened to be a promotional stint so we got to watch it for free.

    Yah... a looooong, loooong time. Hahaha!

  6. These kind of cartoon celebrity never never come to Melaka punya ler! *sigh*

  7. We brought our boys there. Champion suprised us by neing brave going in the crowd without us accompanying him. It was a nice treat for the kids :)

  8. Hey, thks MG for the schedule.. my two Js are great fans of Barney..will give them a surprise this weekend. They really love life show..

  9. i like barney because its purple!! heheehe
    i dunno why are there so many barney haters out there...

  10. i hate barney. isn't he fuschsia?

  11. jesslyn,
    Melaka's not that far from KL thats why, probably.

    So you were pleasantly surprised by Champion. Thats nice.

    Hope they enjoy it.

    Barney... you either love him or hate him!

    He's probably between fuschsia and purple. ;)

  12. We brought Brae there last week. He didn't enjoy the show. He was going to cry when he saw so many people around and the show was a bit loud for him. *sigh*

  13. We was there last sunday, my kids very happy when saw them out. My gals saw till the end and her eyes didnt clip ler..haha.


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