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Friday, June 23, 2006

From Working Mum to Stay At Home Mum

I have evolved and transformed.........into a HOUSEWIFE!

On transportation....

I was an independant young lady, lucky enough to own my first car at an early age, with help from my sis who sold hers to me at market price but she allowed me to pay her at my own pace. I guess you could say my first two cars were hand-me-downs, although I paid for them fully, on my own. Later on, I was fortunate enough to have a company car.

I drove around everywhere on my own, to clubbing till wee hours of the morning, coming home only around 3am alone :P, to outstation for work related assignments or for company trips (owner of company car no choice but to double up as designated driver for such occassions). I'd drive to pick up my girlfriend from Klang, go all the way to KL for an outing then send her home to Klang before driving home to PJ.

But... I've since sold my car and now am solely dependant on hubby for transport! Very housewifey!

Before I lay me down to sleep....

Now, the last thing I think about each night before I sleep used to be...

"Shit! I hope I don't mess up the protocol at tomorrow's conference with the minister as guest of honour and the press attending."

"Good morning, ladies and gentlement. Welcome to........." (busy practising the next day's seminar opening speech to introduce the speaker/course leader).

"Shit! With this kind of news, tomorrow's market will open gap down. How on earth will I be able to sell the stock for my client."

etc etc etc.

Now the only thing that I think about before I go to sleep each night is usually...

what to cook the next day

or I'd be .......

blogging in my head. (hahaha)

How housewifey!

Oh I have lots more stories to tell about how housewifey I've become but I won't bore everyone to death. I'll leave that to another day and another post, when the fancy strikes me.


  1. pray tell more on your clubbing stories... coz it's really hard for me to imagine you going for clubbing :P

  2. LOL... I love to read the before bedtime part, so funny...
    my live before and after being SAHM not much different, because my previous job so boring. I actually jump in joy when I know I no need to work anymore :p.

  3. hehe....I'm waiting for THE day when i get promoted to Housewife status. Although i would still keep my car so that i can go shopping whenever I want to!!

  4. Very housewifey indeed..

    I don't know if I can ever be fully dependant on my husband.. for transportation and for money.. Giving up the job is easier that being dependant. Really.. that's why I'm still working. :(

  5. egghead,
    Those were the days. I married late so I had my time partying! Hehe. Thats how I met Mr MG you know. We are drinking buddies. Lol!

    I'm sure you are still jumping for joy. :)

    When? When?

    zara's mama,
    I think the most important thing of all, whether the spouse (can even be the man) works or stay home, the decision must be a joint one and everybody stays happy, otherwise....

  6. so MG now is drebar, abuden, my turn will come soon, heh!

  7. Haha..looks like you swore a lot more when u were in the working world.

  8. Just wondering..were you in PR b4 'housewifehood' (??? LOL)beckoned?

  9. good for you...seems that u love being a housewife and i respect u for doing that!

    u see, when i was married to my 1st husband, i was forced (yes forced!) to be a housewife. i hated his controlling attitude but i made the best out of it for my kids.

    but now eh...i wish i could stay home...well, work part time lah so that i have time to be lazy hehehe.

    u're doing a great job MG!

  10. You probably missed this:

    Working: Got to wear nice clothes, make up, high heels, and have a nice hangbag.
    Housewife: Need all those meh? A comfi T and shorts will do! :P

  11. hullo there,

    i love that part about blogging in your head. tee hee hee

    ely: stay-at-home can be lazy meh?

  12. MrB,
    Happy Driving!

    Lol! Probably there were more things to swear about.

    sarah's mummy,
    I was a Conference Manager, job which I loved. It was not deskbound, got to meet lots of people, got to go hotel hopping (hehe), a little bit of travel, a fair amount of copywriting, had a company car to move about in. Later on I was a remisier, the most exciting and most boring job ever. Haha. When the stock market was hot, I would have 3 phones ringing simultaneously and was amazed at the way the market responded instantaneously to news etc but when the market was quiet, you can hear a pin drop and yawwwwnnn... It was not my cup of tea but it was flexible and I often took my girl and my dad to work with me. Hahaha.

    Ah well, when its forced.... or when anything is forced, its no fun now is it? You'd resent it so much and feel so trapped!

    Oh no, we mustn't miss that out must we but I think I wrote that in an earlier post. ;)

    Hi! Welcome to my blog. I think all we bloggers do that don't we? Blog in our heads... Some of those head blogs end up being posted while some remain in the head. Echo what you said to Ely! :)

  13. Hope part of your housewifey thing is not getting hooked to the many drama-drama on tv. Heheheh.
    By the way, congrats on your new blog. Sorry-ah, a bit ketinggalan zaman me. Not on the computer so much now coz' of the morning sickness.

  14. lian,
    I never have time for tv. I don't have Astro and I have not watched a single episode of "Desperate Housewifes". I don't understand why they say all those soaps and dramas etc are for housewives. I don't have time for them at all!!!!

  15. Wah..you were quite happening when you were working, hor. You choose to be SAHM, so am I. :P

  16. I bet u are enjoying every minute of it - being a SAHM else u'll still be working.

    I don't think I can stay at home the whole day looking after a super duper active Destinee rite now.

    Even though I don't blog often now, the word 'blogging' still lingers in my mind - what to blog about next, which pics should I upload, etc, etc, etc. Guess I'm oredi addicted to blogging (heehee).

  17. Hmm...your post makes me looking forward to being a SAHM...i know it's no easy work but nothing beats being with our little ones all day long..although at times it gets tough but i am sure it's all worth the effort! :)

  18. khongfamily,
    I love this "job" the best of all.

    Your bet is correct :)

    It certainly is!


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