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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Teaching my child helps me to know her better

Lessons are progressing well with my girl. Yesterday she was learning to write the small letter "n".

MG: Can you make your "n" a bit fatter? Its a bit thin.

My Girl: This one looks like daddy. I think I'll write mummy "n" now.

After writing an "n" which didn't look too good....

My Girl: I think this one looks like baby, mummy. Its very thin.

After writing a nice looking "n"....

My Girl: This one is me, mummy.

And so she went on writing the alphabet in various shapes and sizes and naming them as she went along!

I find that the best way to understand your kids is to be close to them, doing things with them. For example, by teaching her myself at home, I have discovered that she has the following traits.

Impatience: Does not wait for me to finish instructions sometimes but eager to try out the activities. Does not listen well.

Carelessness: Does her work sloppily and carelessly without much care at times unless pushed

Lacking in Confidence: Sometimes she knows the answer but says it very softly or dare not say it unless I give confirmation that its the correct answer or unless I do the activity together with her.

At the moment, I'm still cracking my head on how to help her overcome those traits especially the low confidence one. I'm not too worried about the first and second trait as its probably characteristics of a young child. Afterall they have so much energy and they love to play. The fact that she can sit still for a whole hour doing her work is very good and she gets a kiss at the end of every lesson.

So far, we both have no complaints about her lessons. However, I do find that one hour is a lot of my time. Hehe. So sometimes while teaching her, I periodically jump onto my exercise bike to do some pedalling while she is doing her work. Afterall, mothers are very good at multitasking! I shall add "Doing exercises while giving my girl lessons" into my basket of multitasks.


  1. I guess no one is perfect... and it is those imperfection that makes each and everyone of us unique and human :)

  2. Just give lost of encouragement to her, also praise her generously.

  3. I'm also working on boosting Damien's confidence level. He needs lots of encouragement and prompting from me too. Though outspoken at home, he can be rather shy in school.

  4. Wah baguslah. I'm also teaching Dania how to write the alphabet. She always makes her A and H look the same. A bit frustrating but like you said, have to be patient. If not they'll get demotivated.

    I have a cookie ready after each lesson as a reward. Hahahaha. Maybe I should change it to a banana...more healthy.

  5. I always hear my son said : go here go there and go up and down. Dunno what alphabet he want to write?? but when he write on the paper he can write nice and proper way ler. My son not a shy boy cause what i know when teacher told me he shouting in the class and quite talkative nowaday.
    Teacher ask him question usually got an answer so i not worried about that but he abit lazy to do work.
    One more things is he said the school reading book just can read at school so i no choice to buy some other reading for him to read.

  6. egghead,
    *nods head*

    Heap on the praise but don't overdo it yes? The kids really do thrive on encouragement and praise.

    Sometimes we know they have great personalities and need to be drawn out of their shells a little.

    My girl learned to write mostly on her own from the pc. (There's even a great site to show how to write the alphabets and numbers and another one on reading by phonics.) So now its mostly correcting her writing.

    Good loh. That means he is advanced enough to ask for more books to read and you should encourage him. :)

  7. Hehehe, goodlah u! Hitting 2 birds with 1 stone.Dpont think I can do that as I normally give my elder boy to do his workbook while I make my 2nd fellow read story book to improve his reading.

  8. Would just like to know how u teach ur girl to write the curves? My girl just detest writing alphabets and numbers with curves. She has no problems with writing strokes. Whenever writing alphabets and numbers with curves, she'll always ask me to write or she'll pretend to be tired or tell me her hands are 'pain pain' and cannot write.

    "My girl learned to write mostly on her own from the pc. (There's even a great site to show how to write the alphabets and numbers and another one on reading by phonics.)" Mind giving me the sites?

  9. a&a'smom,
    Usually I have to keep the little one occupied nearby with some toys first, otherwise he will kacau me too!

    You can let her practise by buying those pre-writing skills books which require them to draw lines and curves before they start writing alphabets. Anyway, here are the sites. For writing practise, go to Literary Center (Click on the "Writing" Button. For reading practise, go to
    Starfall (Then choose the level suitable for your child). Happy exploring!


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