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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Leaf Art

As part of my girl's lessons, I have decided to make Friday "Arts and Crafts" day.

And so on Friday morning, we went for a "nature walk" to pick leaves of various sizes and textures. Then we came home, painted the leaves (vein side up), flipped them over and pressed the imprint onto white art paper and voila we have pretty colourful leaf art. Great fun!

When we grew tired of using watercolors, we put the white art paper on top of the leaves, used crayons to colour over them and like magic, the outline of the leaves appeared on our paper. We also did the crayon trick with coins. A very simple craft indeed with lovely results.

Leaf craft ideas sourced from here.

Here's our artwork for the day:

My Leaf Artwork

My Girl's Leaf Artwork


  1. gorgeous MG! gorgeous in indeed!pandai ur girl...the mummy too :)

  2. Wow..that's beautiful! Looks like you and your girl are having great fun with home schooling! :)

  3. That's master piece! So beautiful!

  4. frame it up please, look a lot nicer than those seeling in Ikea wan, Ikea wan painted by no-name, this one not only got name, some more very special one ;).

  5. wah, nice and creative. Never tot leaves can turn out something like that!

  6. MG, I haven't done this for a long, long time. Both look nice.

    This is off topic but could you pls help by directing your readers to my blog? I need a title for my new book. Check out my blog for details. Thanks.


  7. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks very much for your compliments. Its sooooo easy to do and not very time consuming. I recommend that you try it out with your little ones. You can even make it into a Father's Day card if you fold the paper into four before you make the leaf prints on the front cover, paint a frame for it and hey presto, you got yourself a lovely card!

  8. wow!!! amazing isn't it, what you can actually do with leaf?? never knew. never had the patience. but...maybe will try it out. fab idea!

  9. hwah! i remember doing one of these in standard 3! buy yours is so much better!!

  10. very nice indeed.. i bought a book to keep little toddlers busy with arts and crafts and I never tried any of the projects.. aigh.. mummy's too bz.

  11. Great idea! I'm so going to do this with my little one. :) Thanks for sharing, MG!

  12. Very lovely & colourful...I'll use your idea one day (if you don't mind).

  13. The artwork reminds me of my younger days art class. Nice work!

  14. Very nice art work, i didnt realize that just using crayons colour over the leaves are so beautiful. Will try it with my kids tomorow.

  15. marsha,
    You don't need patience for this. Its really easy.

    Wah.. your memory so good. I can't remember what I did in Std 3.

    zara's mama,
    I wanted to buy those books too but decided that the internet is a much better resource for craft ideas.

    I think you're really good at doing crafts with your girl. I always get lots of ideas from your blog. Thank you. :)

    Not at all. Its not my idea. Borrowed it from some kids craft sites I surfed.


    Have you done it? Did they enjoy it?


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