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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Angry Baby

Baby loves to merajuk (sulk). Raise your voice at him a little and his lower lip comes out about half an inch. Raise your voice louder and he may do any of these things:
  • run away to the corner of the room/to another room
  • turn his face away from you
  • lower lips starts to quiver
  • lie down on the floor!
  • use his hands to beat the air/the person he is angry at and say "map" (I think it means "mad". He learned this from his sister. Sometimes when they are playing, I can hear them shouting angrily at each other "Map! Map")

Another thing that makes him sulk is his attire. He is picky about what he wears and often chooses only the nicest shoes for his feet (no slippers will do) and you can never make him wear things he wears at home for going out. He can differentiate his going out outfits from his home wear.

Actually, I just love to look at his face when he sulks (he has a very cute pout and oh boy can he pout!) but then I cannot allow him to get away with it. When he sulks usually Mr MG and I will secretly smile behind his back while we scold him for it outwardly.

Sometimes after he has finished merajuk (when his anger has subsided), he will then run to me, call "mummy" in the sweetest voice coated with sugar and honey, put his face right in front of mine and grin or smile broadly (till his eyes becomes small slits and I can see little wrinkles at the bridge of his nose) to try to coax me into smiling at him in return. He always does that when he knows that I am angry at him. Yup! Those kids are experts at emotional blackmail.


  1. Baby's is starting to show off character mah :)

  2. Hey, same like lil' President. I also liek his curved out lips when merajuk. I admire it while he is busy pouting :)
    And he does try to change my mood by giving me the broadest smile wtih those shining eyes looking directly at me.. *sigh*

  3. Hahaha..he's as 'vain' as Damien, who refuse to go out wearing clothes he wears at home! ;)

    And Damien would also show me his 'signature cheeky smile' when he knows i'm angry with him! Kids are the same, aren't they? :)

  4. Mine is a master of manipulation .. hahhaa!! but so hard to stay "mad" with them ya..??

  5. so young oredi 'extorting' affections! lol :P kids...:D

  6. Wah..so young and already know how to dress to look his best? This one definitely a heartbreaker in the making. Lol.

  7. haha, kena blackmail again ar? when they smile/grin, it melts your heart, huh?

  8. haha..so cute!
    when my girl angry with me, I will laugh out loud to her, then she will start crying pulak! hahaha..

  9. egghead,
    Yah, he is his own person, different from his sister.


    My boy is more vain than my girl. I never had that from her.

    mama bok,
    "Master of manipulation" . Yup! You nailed it. Thats the word to use.

    They are very good extorters I tell ya. Eh BTW hor, after you kahwin and thinking of starting a brood (Haha), please visit my new blog Mothering Times or go recommend it to your kawan-kawan who are new mothers or mothers to be lah! Hehe. Excuse me for doing a little bit of blog promotion cos if I don't do it, who will? :P

    sarah's mummy,
    Actually, he as only one shoe and one slipper for going out. Shoe for longer outings and slipper for neighbourhood store but he always insists on wearing shoes, the vain pot!

    Mummy melted already, how to stay angry?

    Lol! You bad mummy. I'm bad too. Sometimes when he cries, I imitate him and cry louder still. Well, that works either way. Sometimes he is so surprised he stops and laughs but sometimes it makes him cry harder. Hahaha.

  10. Hahaha, kena emotional blackmail like me. Mine one would ask, "mommy you got love me?" or "mommy, you got angry?" Aiyoh, like that how to scold him?

  11. Lilian,
    So thats how you kena extorted 99 from him till buy so many "Cars" merchandise. Hahaha.

  12. MG, I'm waaaay behind in reading your posts, dunno why am not getting the update on my blogroll when u post.

    I know what you mean on the cute pouts :)

  13. immomsdaughter,
    I'm not posting for a while so you can slowly catch up loh. Hehe.


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