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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Big Four Zero

I'm turning 40 next week! Someone called me freakin' old! Hahaha! But I don't feel old! Hardly! I'm always stuck somewhere in time in my 30s, my mind that is, not my body. Hehe.

So, how does it feel to be 40? Great! Simply Great! And they say women want to hide their age. Whatever for?

I feel great at 40, much better than 30s or 20s. (for me personally that is). In my 20s, I felt incredibly lonely. In my 30s, I was still struggling to find myself. And now approaching 40, I have discovered myself. My relationships are better. Even my relationship with Mr MG is more stable now. We used to fight a lot before we were married and fighting is no fun.

I feel more complete now, especially with my little ones. I feel and I think I look better too. Heck! I even feel sexier at 40 than when I was younger. Though I may not look it. Hahaha! Sexy is all in the mind folks, its all in the mind (although a good body helps too so never ever let yourself go)..... which reminds me that I must do my exercises more diligently. So I won't be posting for the rest of the week as I concentrate on teaching my girl and doing my keep fit and keep trim exercises. My self discipline to do my exercises has been waning after my weight dropped. Theres only that many hours in a day. So if I want to do all of those other things, I've got to blog less. Oops! I digressed. I'm very good at that. Very "cheong hei" (Long winded) I am.

Back to my topic on the big FOUR ZERO. I'm more confident and I'm more daring and less timid than when I was younger too. Yup! 40 is definitely a great number. No doubt about it. Happy Birthday to me! Where else accept on a blog am I crazy enough to wish myself a Happy Birthday.. and its not even my birthday yet! Lol!


  1. happy birthyday mg!!!!!
    i feel people look better when they are older - look at Richard Gere, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston etc...they look so much better now than before..! except for Elizabeth Taylor though...she looked fab when she was in her hey days..;)

  2. happy birthday in advance just in case i miss the birthday post!

    u know, i stopped counting my age when i hit 27. dah 33 going on 34 also still say 27...young at heart mah!

  3. MG, Happy Birthday!!!! :)

    Wow, you made me look forward to being 40!! ;)

    Positive attitude, happy heart and being loved and surrounded by people you love - with all these, i'm sure we can all age gracefully!! :)

  4. 女人四十也是一支花嘛...
    人生最重要还是快乐和知足 :)

  5. I meant:
    Women is still roses when they are forty...
    The most important things in life is to be happy and be grateful on what you already have :)

    p/s: almost forgot you don't read mandarin :P

  6. Happy Birthday! I tot you were younger from what you wrote. ;)

  7. Happy Birthday MG! like you said, it's all in the mind..., that's for feeling young too ;)

  8. Hi, blog hop fm sarah'smummy blog. hope u dont mind.

    turn 40 next week. anyway it's just a figure MG DONT worry. btw, i never hide my age. it's a fact we cant turn back the time. in fact i'm happy with wht i'm today ha ha.

    MG! feel free to visit me ya.

  9. Ooh, age is just a number. It's what we feel inside. I don't feel my age as well.. cheers ;)

  10. Happy Birthday in advance to u~~~
    I think when I reach 40, I'll be more relax than now, at least at that time my kids are elder a bit and can be more independent! :P

  11. MG, never guessed u are going to be 40 from ur blog, proves that you are still young at heart. Happy Birthday In Advance!

  12. mom2ashley,
    Yup! I agree with you that Elizabeth Taylor looked fab when she was young but now...

    We are always eternally young at heart aren't we?

    You still got a long way to go babe! Hehe.

    Lol! And I didn't have the language thingy installed on my pc so I can only see little boxes! Thank you for remembering and for the translation.

    Thats because my kids are still young.

    *Singing* "Forever young......I wanna be foreyer young." Haha!

    Shall I call you halo for short? ;)Hi! Welcome to my blog. No, I'm not worried about the figure 40, just worried about my figure that is all. Haha.

    When we're younger, we want to be older, when we're older, we want to be younger. :P

    Good for you. I still cannot relax. My kids are still so young!

  13. immomsdaughter,
    Missed your comment cos we posted at the same time! I think from my blog I sound young because my kids are still so young. Most people my age have school going kids or teenagers, not babies and toddlers. Haha!

  14. Happy birthday and people always say age is just number, the most important is your heart is always young+happy

  15. Happy Birthday...

    Dun worry, a lot of people are older than u :)

  16. I read some of your entries and you certainly don't struck me as 40. You know what. We're the same. Horseys and Geminis!!! Wow, cool isn't it?

    Hehe...but I'm not as excited as you at 40 because I see a lot of things slowing down for me...but it isn't a big problem. I live by.

    Well cheers, and an advanced happy birthday to you!

  17. Way 2 Go Girl!! Happy Bday to you! Hey I feel the same way too! Since started my exercise regime & eating healthy 4 yrs ago i feel younger & more energetic than I did 10 yrs ago. Keep up the good work!

  18. This is a very possitive post! It's good that you feel so good and confident about yourself. Which is something you become when you grow older and wiser.

    Soon.. it'll be my turn to write a post like this.. sooon.. but not so soon.

  19. I hope I will feel so sexy and confident about myself when i turn 40 too. ;)
    Happy Birthday, MG!!

  20. A toast to all you've said!!!
    Welcome to the club.
    Happy Birthday in advance...

  21. Happy Birthday woman! :D

    yah, like egghead said women 40 is a blooming flower LOL...

    40 is two 20 years old in you. so still young and so much energy.

    so? how you celebrate?

  22. channelwong,
    "the most important is your heart is always young+happy"
    *nods head*

    So.....are you one of them? Your house looks lovely by the way.

    Hey there Gemini Horse! Give me a Hi 5! Yeah, I'm slowing down too, my knees especially. Its painful to get in and out of cars or climb stairs. If you were to see the way I walk on a stairway, you'd think I was closer to 50! Haha. And last year, I had a health scare which I really don't feel like talking about.

    Yes, you are right. Exercise and taking better care of oneself (body and mind) really helps in making one feel better.

    zara's mama,
    Not so soon, not so soon..

    Like they said, age is just a number and perhaps age really has nothing to do with it. I'm just happy with this time of my life compared to my 20s and 30s I guess. Anyway, you've still some way to go, so enjoy the journey.

    king's wife,
    *cling cling* (Toasting). So... have you got reading glasses yet fellow club member? Hahaha.

    Errr... no celebrations wor. Thats why I "celebrate" myself on my blog. Haha. Its just going to be a day like any other day. Its a weekday so the plan is to wait for hubby to come home to take me out to buy my own cake (hubby dunno how to buy cake wan) so we can sing and blow candles for the kids enjoyment. Dinner will probably be leftover food from lunch just like any other day. Nothing special planned. Two 20 year olds eh? No wonder so much energy. I always like your analogies but I've told you that many times already!

  23. Wow, looks like i'm the last who viewed this. Happy B'day in advance! :) 40 year young still can party mah, right? *wink*

  24. Ppl always say young at heart. Look at all those hollywood actresses. They are old when it comes to age but young at heart and appearance. Age doesn't matter. As long as you are happy, you'll always stay young.

  25. I'll be damned. Judging by ur excellent penmanship I've always assumed that u were younger, MUCH younger. Can't deny the fact that you are truly young at heart. There are just so many hot 40 year olds out there that are giving young 'uns like me a run for their money. There's Normala Shamsuddin, Demi More, Andie MacDonald,the material girl, Madge...and now there's you. ;)

    Happy Birthday Hot Momma! Lol

  26. vien,
    Yes, yes, still can party. Hehe.

    Those hollywood actresses has face and body makeovers and touch-ups ler. Cannot compare....

    sarah's mummy,
    Lol! Don't lah make me malu. Me Hot Momma inside only, not outside. So next time when you see a plain looking 40 year old aunty/Ah Soh, beware... you never know whats lurking underneath that exterior! Hahaha.

  27. From the way you write your blog, you don't sound like 40 leh. Young at heart, that's good. Happy 40th Birthday in advance! Enjoy! :P

  28. Hi,
    Just came back from vacation and in time to wish you a Happy 40th Birthday.!

  29. I didn't know you're almost the same age as 5xmom!!! I thought you are only in early 30s. Oh boy, you're really "young" in your blog.
    Anyway, Happy Birthday!

  30. Hey MG,

    Life begins at 40 lah.. I am looking forward to the BIG Four Zero lah.. that is another 3 and half year to go..patiently waiting..wink..

    Enjoy your birthday!

  31. khongfamily,
    Don't sound like but look like ;)

    Thanks. Will check your blog for vacation updates?

    "I thought you are only in early 30s"
    Hehe. Thats where my head is stuck for now.

    "Life begins at 40 lah.."
    So I'm just a baby! :)


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